13 Tech Savvy Stocking Stuffers For Startups

‘Tis the season to hunt for cool new gadgets and gizmos.  While you’re searching for the latest in tablet technology and picking out the colors of your new high-def, retina screen devices, we’ve got you covered on ultra hip stocking stuffers.  Yep, these 13 stocking stuffers will make any tech savvy startup-er squeal with glee!  100% satisfaction guaranteed for super nerds, closet nerds, or lovers of all things awesome.  Does it get any better than that? Yes! If you want to get WAY ahead of the tech gadget curve, we’ve even listed some in-progress crowd funding campaigns (that have already met their fundraising goals) for a chance to pre-order their super cool gifts.  You’re going to want to keep these all to yourself – but we won’t judge.
Let the fun begin…


Lockitron from The Tech Toys 100: The best gear money can buy: Lock your door from anywhere in the world! The Lockitron slips over the inside of most deadbolt locks, and sports built-in Wi-Fi to let you check on the status of and lock/unlock your door from afar. You can also share access with your family and friends as guests.  As for leaving the oven on… you’re going to have to go back and check.  Next order ships in May 2013 – Preorder for $179

HeadphonesSinch Headphone Organizer Clip (for smartphone): A small, flexible and stretchable clip that organizes your wrapped headphones around your phone. All you have to do is wrap the cord around and then fold the accessory in half, which will secure itself with a magnet that’s embedded inside. Tangled headphone… so 2011.   Buy it here for $16.


Clocky: “Clocky runs away and hides if you don’t get out of bed. When the alarm sounds, Clocky will wait for you to get up. But if you snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand (from 3 feet), and run around your room, determined to get you up on time.” You’ll mostly want to throw it against the wall but by then, the anger will have woken you up faster than a triple espresso … so you’re welcome.  Various models range from $40-$60.

AdaptoriPhone 5 Adaptor from c|net Stocking Stuffers: Converts the old iphone connectors to the new Lightning connector so your tech toys are the gifts that keep on giving to your iPhone 5. Grab it for $29

YouMagnetYour Magnet:  A U-shaped magnet with little suction cup feet. Stick it on handleless cups, electronics, glass and just about anything that’ll stick…Use it as a cord organizer, iPhone stand, handle or a creative connector.  Lick it, stick it and go!  Buy it here for $7.

iPhone Camera LensiPhone Camera Lens Trio via Top 10 Gadgets You Should Have In Your Go Bag | Lifehacker: Photojojo has a trio of pretty awesome camera lenses that attach directly to your smartphone, including a 2x telephoto lens, a 180 degree fisheye lens, and a 0.68x wide-angle lens you can also use for macro shots. All three lenses are made of high-clarity glass that use an innovative mount that magnetically snaps each lens onto your smartphone.  Buy all three for $50 (or by the lens).

ProjectoProjecto via 20 Gifts for Productivity Nerds (Successful Kickstarter project with 11 days to go!). A tiny Instagram projector that uses wheels of 35mm slide film you make online, each one holding nine photos. Projectors are fun but tiny projectors… now you’re blowing our mind.  Pledge $25 and reserve your projector at this Kickstarter only price.

MophieMophie Juice Pack Powerstation via The Workshifting Newbie’s Gift Guide for smart phones & tablets.  With a 4000 mAh battery capacity it powers your devises on the go and claims to quadruple the battery life of your iPhone.   Also doubles as a free pass to book a trip to an otherwise unpowered destination such as a deserted island or perhaps a cabin in the woods.  Buy one here for $80.

StickNStickN’Find (Successful Indiegogo campaign with 39 days left!) An ultra small sticker with bluetooth low energy, that you can stick on your stuff, and use your smartphone to find them.  Find your keys, mp3 player, or if you’ve got a particularly large home and a cat who likes to hide – multipurpose.   Preorder 2 stickers to ship in March for $35.

TypewriterUSB Typewriter: Now you’ve seen it all – a portable USB Typewriter that that plugs into any USB-capable device, such as your PC, Mac, or even your iPad.  All you need is a pipe, manuscript and roaring fire in the study! Buy one here for $800.

Virtual Keyboard

Pocket-Sized Virtual Keyboard Projects Onto Any Surface via Mashable.  The device connects to your laptop or smartphone through bluetooth or USB and projects a laser keyboard onto any flat surface. With a rechargeable battery, the compact device can sustain typing for up to two hours.  And $99 is hardly any price to pay for the amount of cool points you’ll earn back  Buy it here for $99.

Home “Essentials”Domo Toaster

Domo Toaster: ‘Nuff said, a Domo toaster! This monster-ish looking guy is the perfect way to start your morning.  Pop in some bread and Domo Toaster will toast the image of his face right into your bread.  Brilliant! See it in action – 22 seconds. Buy it here for $40.


Toothpaste Tube Wringer

Toothpaste Tube Wringer: Are you a bootstrapping entrepreneur? Save some lunch money by squeezing out every last bit of toothpaste.  Because you know a $5 pint never hurts as much as wondering how much more you could have gotten out of your last tube.  Buy it here for $22.

Wishing our coworking community a very happy holiday ‘gadget hunting’ season.  If you do snag one of these toys, let us know what you think; we’d love to hear from you.   And if you have something to add to the list – we’re all ears!


About the Author: Evona Niewiadomska is the Events and Digital Media Manager at Workbar.  As of January 2013 she is an independent Digital Media & Design Creative with a specialty for infographic design and social media strategy.  Check out her website, evonawiktoria.com or contact her via email evona.wiktoria@gmail.com or twitter @evonawiktoria.


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