Flexible Workspaces for Teams and Individuals

Workbar builds quality workspaces, and membership packages that offer the freedom and flexibility the modern worker needs to be successful. 

Our open coworking spaces for teams and independent professionals offer hot desks and all the amenities you need to be productive – without the prohibitive cost.

  • Tailored Plans
    Our membership plans are built for flexibility.
  • No Commitments
    We operate on a month-to-month basis.
  • Multiple Locations
    With Workbar you get access to a network of 20 local spaces.

Want to Come Check Out a Space?

Workspaces With Full Service Amenities

We know you work hard, that's why we want to help you increase your productivity and job satisfaction by putting the features you need to do your best work at the tip of your fingers. 

At Workbar, you can focus on getting things done, and leave the rest to us! 

Our Hot Desk Plans Include: 

Pricing Starting at Only $29/mo!

Open Workspace Within a Functional Office 

With a member plan at Workbar, you are guaranteed a professional space to come in and get things done. However, the truth is you get much more than a desk and a chair. Our Workbar coworking locations are designed to be hubs for creativity and collaboration, and our spaces adjust to your individual needs.  

Every day you come into work you have the option to set up shop at any Workbar room – each built with a particular work style in mind.

Meet Our Workbar Neighborhoods 

Every Workbar coworking space is built in the form of "neighborhoods" that allow members to work the way they want, so you can be productive no matter what task comes your way. 

The Commons

Great for teams and collaboration. The room offers a mix of booths, tables, couch, and whiteboard breakout areas.

The Switchboard

Best for people on the phone and casual conversation. It features tables, partitioned spaces, nooks, and soft seating.

The Cafe

An open space with low-level music and a coffee bar. This space is usually attached to an open-concept kitchen and occasionally converts to an event space.

The Study

Ideal for those who thrive in quiet spaces. Our library-style workspace has task lights and ambient white noise generators.


Workbar Locations

Hot Desks are available at any of our 8 Workbar locations.

At Workbar, You Get Options

Workbar's spaces feature a variety of functional workspaces built for any work style.

Whether you need to collaborate, take calls or just focus, Workbar offers spaces built specifically to help you be more productive.

Other Available Workspaces Options at Workbar

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