Managed Suite for up to 50 people

Designed for wellness and productivity in the heart of Central Square in Cambridge

Managed Suite for up to 50 people

Designed for wellness and productivity in the heart of Central Square in Cambridge

Managed Suite for up to 50 people

Designed for wellness and productivity in the heart of Central Square in Cambridge


45 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA


Workbar’s Managed Suite gives you the amenities and privacy of a dedicated open-concept office that only your team can access without the hassle of managing and operating an office. Designed for the modern enterprise that demands greater flexibility, increased productivity and the technology infrastructure to support their workforce. Adapted to reflect current safety requirements, this space has been fine tuned for proper social distancing.

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Team suite designed to power productivity

We help our members focus on what they do best.

Amenities All Your Own

Access this suite from a private first floor entrance available only to your team. This space features dedicated access to conference rooms, phone booths, a large cafe, drop down projector screen and modern amenities. Access the mezzanine level with additional open seating and enjoy an additional 10,000 sq ft of shared workspace and common areas on a separate floor.

Onsite Manager & Top-Rated Support

All of the convenience and none of the typical hassle of managing your own office. Reduce operational headaches with consolidated support for cleaning, maintenance, IT, utilities, and more backed by our top-rated team of experts.

Meeting Essentials

Equipped with high-end A/V, video conferencing equipment and business-grade wifi, your private and shared conference rooms are backed by our remote workspace infrastructure. Book your private meeting spaces or any shared meeting space with ease through our proprietary technology platform.

Wellness First

Built with design features that prioritize the health and wellness of our members, this suite is filled with natural light and open space to maximize productivity and minimize distractions.

Greater Flexibility

Especially in uncertain times, today's enterprises need more office space flexibility and agility. With flexible terms from 12 months, this space provides the right solution for right now and helps get your team back to the office safer and faster.

No Upfront Costs

Invest zero capital in office space that’s still tailored to your company’s needs. Move-in to a fully furnished space to brand as your own.


Dedicated Spaces for this Exclusive Suite:

  • Socially-distanced space for 20-30 people
  • 6 person meeting room
  • 14 person training room (can be easily converted into 6-8 person team room)
  • 2 private phone booths
  • 4 private restrooms

Safe at Workbar

Your company needs its own environment, but navigating the government guidelines and implementing the required safety protocols can be cumbersome. Workbar has you covered. We’ve implemented the most up-to-date safety protocols throughout this suite, and adjusted the layout for 20-30 people to coexist while remaining socially distanced. Move-in today with total peace of mind.

Our remote workspaces feature:

  • Upgraded HVAC systems, cleanliness stations, thermal scanners, and desk dividersVisual reminders throughout that make keeping your distance worry-free and reinforce community norms
  • Reduced density in our spaces and an online density tracker
  • Constantly updated readiness plan that integrates local, state, and federal guidelines. Mandatory orientation training for all new members.

Wellness and productivity blend at Workbar Cambridge

A modern, health-enhancing remote workspace in Cambridge’s innovation district, Workbar Central Square features ample windows, skylights, and two roof decks. On a separate floor, access 10,000 sq ft of additional workspace, 4 fully-equipped meeting rooms and 5 phone booths. This suite offers access to our network of sixteen locations across Greater Boston consisting of central hubs in key locations supported by smaller spokes in complementary locales.

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