Escape the Blizzard Blues at 4 Boston Bars with Fireplaces

The recent avalanche of snow continues to take its toll on Boston residents. Are we at 7 feet of accumulation yet? Will our still-buried cars make it out alive, or will they fossilize before being unearthed millions of years from now? Will we ever be able to get to work on time (or at all?) Fine, blizzard blues. You win. We’ll reconvene our regular lives once Spring comes. In the meantime if you need us, we’ll be in one of the cozy bars listed below, warming ourselves in front of the fireplace with a glass of Scotch.
James’s Gate, Jamaica PlainThe Gate is a JP staple. This warm, woody establishment features a restaurant side, but we prefer the bar side. It has a cozy vibe, is generally filled with locals, and in addition to the fireplace, it also has board games. Make a day of it!

The Red House, Harvard Square– You may have dined at the oh-so-cute Red House before, but now it’s time to repurpose your visit! Curl up in front of the fireplace in their intimate bar area to blow off some of the steam you worked up digging out your car/house/walkway/driveway.

Squealing Pig, Mission Hill– While this bar is generally lumped in with other Brigham Circle bars as a hot spot for Northeastern students, Squealing Pig has plenty of redeeming qualities. One, of course, is their fireplace, but they also have yummy bar food, a great beer selection, and Wednesday night trivia.

Christopher’s, Porter Square– Christopher’s is a charming place with exposed brick, an inviting shopfront, great service, and a respectable selection of nachos and burgers. Oh yeah, and they have that fireplace you’ve been looking for.

Remember, the storms have hit Boston’s hourly and tip wage earners the hardest.  Be sure to go out to your local establishments and tip your servers generously!

About the Author: Ann Holland is a Space & Community Manager at Workbar. You may also address her as Potroast. Contact her on Twitter @SamuelEnderby  and on Instagram at @SamuelEnderby

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