EVENT RECAP: Mass Innovation Night #73

Mass Innovation Night

Last night was the 6 year anniversary celebration for Mass Innovation Night, and we were honored to be one of four host locations in Cambridge, along with Danger!Awesome, NGIN, and CIC. This massive event featured special vendors, cake, a Google hangout to help connect the events at each location, and did we mention cake? Here are our choices for the top 4 vendors at last night’s event.

1. Free Fundraise

Free Fundraise, which tabled at Danger!Awesome, allows you to easily support causes you believe in while making regular online shopping purchases. All you need to do is download the app, pick a non-profit organization to support, browse their partnered stores to see how much of each purchase goes toward your preferred non-profit, and then shop as usual! With partner stores like Amazon, Groupon, Macy’s, Target, and iTunes, the Free Fundraise app is an easy way to support non-profits with purchases you’d already be making anyway. That’s a positive impact in just 2 clicks! Check them out on the web here, and on Twitter at @freefundraise.

2. Endorfyn

Ah, the internet. Both a powerful tool for accomplishing great things, and also (more often than not) a
Mass innovation night giant time suck. If you’re sick of being bombarded with recommendations based on other people’s purchases/interests, then Endorfyn is your answer. Just sign up, fill out your interests in music, movies, art, and TV, and Endorfyn will use these interests to suggest things for you to check out. They link directly to web services like Netflix and Spotify, so it’s easy to click an Endorfyn suggestion and pull it up right in your other accounts. Last night they were featured right here at Workbar Cambridge. Check them out here, or on Twitter at @EndorfynApps.


SUNN, featured last night at NGIN, is a technology scouting platform, making it easier than ever for googlehangoutinnovators to connect to each other and potential resources. Designed for R&D groups, startups, enterprises and investors, SUNN groups innovators into 5 different ecosystems, making it easy to find who and what you need on a global scale to keep innovating in your home city. Check them out here, and on Twitter at @sunn4i.

4. TalenTank

Finding the right job isn’t just about skills, qualifications, and job descriptions, it’s also about growth,
resize culture, and personality. But knowing which company is the right fit for you in a sea of ads, recruiters, and job offers is a tough task. Enter TalenTank- a service dedicated to helping you figure out where you belong in the workforce. If you want to be doing what you love, TalenTank (also featured at Workbar Cambridge for last night’s event) will guide you to it. Explore further here, and catch them on Twitter at @TalenTank_es.



For photos, tweets, and other juicy tidbits from last night’s 6 year celebration, check out our Storify.

About the Author: Ann Holland is a Space & Community Manager at Workbar Cambridge. You may also address her as Potroast. Catch her on Instagram and Twitter under the handle @SamuelEnderby

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