GreenIvory visits WorkBar

This week WorkBar had the pleasure of meeting Jean Georges Perrin and Sergio Ferreira from GreenIvory, an IT company specialized in the processing and enhancing of information on Internet, based out of Europe and the US.  They are looking to extend their US operations and made the trip over from France this week to, among other things,  take a look at some coworking options in the area.  We were more than happy to welcome them in and show them around.

See what they thought – Boston & GreenIvory: a new story?

WorkBar is a little more fun. It’s almost downtown Boston, within walking distance from the Federal Building and in front of the bus station. It’s kind of a mix between Regus and a start-up. Evona showed us the place and it was very pleasant, I just wanted to sit, pull-out my Mac and start working. WorkBar has several places where you can isolate yourself if you want. Prices start at $20/day.

What is GreenIvory?

GreenIvory is an IT company specialized in the processing and enhancing of information on Internet. The core of its activities is automatic dynamization of website.

GreenIvory is also an innovative software company and a tools and web resources developer (website and portal for example).

GreenIvory areas of expertise include enhancing website, technology and competitor watch, building portals, social networks, etc. To achieve these activities, GreenIvory has developed its own mashup technology, MashupXFeed.


About Workbar:

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