Open Office Hours – fusion IT

Thursdays 3:00PM-4:00PM
Open to members and non members

Do you have a creative Mac-centric business? Is technology or another aspect of business hindering your team’s creative output? Have you grown quickly and now realize you could use some organization and strategy? Are you looking for ways to better collaborate? Perhaps you’ve heard about fusion IT and would like to meet in person?

Now through the end of June, fusion IT is offering Open Office Hours in the WorkBar Boston conference roo every Thursday from 3:00 – 4:00 PM. We will offer two half-hour sessions to offer big picture advice, without cost or obligation.

What types of questions we can answer:

  • How can we make our network faster?
  • Why do we need our wireless to be secure?
  • How can I stop using my aol/hotmail/comcast/rcn e-mail to use my own branding and appear more professional?
  • We know we should back up, but how do we start?
  • How can we make our web videos look better?
  • Why is our Final Cut editing system so slow?
  • Should we upgrade to Snow Leopard? Should we upgrade to Adobe CS5?
  • Why does it take so long to export video? Can we make it go any faster?
  • We have dozens of hard drives. Is this a safe way to store our video footage?
  • What’s the difference between Avid and Final Cut Pro?
  • I have dozens of passwords (or passwords on post-its). How can I manage them safely?
  • Is there any way to reduce the amount of Spam we get?
  • How can we improve the productivity in our office?
  • We need a new web site, and have no idea how to start. Can you help us?
  • We have X video camera, Y editing software, and we need to put Z on the web. How?
  • What is a codec? What is “uncompressed”. What’s better, 720p or 1080i?
  • Should I buy a new Mac now, or should I wait?

Ask any of these, or bring your own. Send an e-mail to to inquire about availability. We look forward to chatting!

What is fusion IT?

fusion IT serves a three-fold purpose; to inspire, connect, and equip the Massachusetts Creative Economy.

We inspire hundreds of creative businesses through our blog, Creative Reaction. We actively connect people through our affiliations with the Massachusetts Production Coalition, Ad Club, and MITX.

Our consultancy focuses on ka-POW-er and leverages technology to enable Mac-based Advertising, Production, Post-Production and affiliated businesses to be World-Class. We specialize in companies with video production and post-production workflows. We are the entire IT department for smaller creatives businesses. We are Mac OS X Server and Pro Video specialists for IT departments not possessing these skill sets. We design, integrate, and optimize rock-solid Final Cut Pro editing systems for companies which do not have a Video Engineer on staff. We are workflow specialists, keeping projects moving from conception to implementation, from you, to your client, to your client’s client.

Having worked within the Boston Advertising, Production and Post-Production community for over 20 years, fusion IT is uniquely qualified to help your creatives ROCK!


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