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WorkBar shout out from Jonathan Kay on his blog post entitled, “Two Things Every Business Must Have” in Network Solutions.
In an effort to “get back to the basics”, every startup is going to need two things:  A domain name & A business phone number.  I mean, what a great time it is to be an entrepreneur. There is a ton of opportunity out there and with the boom of co-working, you can now have a unique address, desk to work at, web presence, and a business phone number all for under $200 a month. (For those in the Boston Area, WorkBar is a great co-working option)

Jonathan Kay is the Ambassador of Buzz at Grasshopper, a provider of virtual phone systems.  He is extremely passionate about helping / meeting new entrepreneurs and always excited to learn about their unique journey.  Find Jonathan on Twitter @GrasshopperBuzz or via email at jkay(at)

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