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With an exciting community, full amenities and modern workspaces including desks and private offices, Workbar’s 13,000 sqft location in Central Square is an ideal alternative to NGIN Workplace (NGIN Cambridge).

Located right between Harvard University and MIT, Workbar Cambridge is a two-level coworking space designed to help independent professionals, creatives, startups and remote teams make the most of the work day. Commuting to Workbar from Boston, Brighton, Allston, Somerville, Watertown, Waltham is easy, as the space is steps from the Red Line Central Square MBTA station and many express and local bus lines.

The space includes a private 5th floor workspace and a street level members-only cafe area. Unique features such as ample windows, skylights, two roof decks and a large portfolio of conference rooms make Workbar Cambridge an inspiring space that is sure to spark your creativity.

In addition to the modern layout and design features, Workbar Cambridge is a members’ favorite for its strong community and engaging event programing. From professional development workshops to in-depth interviews with some of Boston’s top innovators and from yoga classes to cooking demos, there is always something exciting happening at Workbar Cambridge.

Read on to learn how Workbar Cambridge compares to NGIN Cambridge.

Workbar Cambridge
45 Prospect Street
Cambridge, MA 02139

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Workbar CambridgeNGIN Workplace
Regional Density - Access to 7 locations in Greater Boston
Coworking is all about flexibility and agility – or at least, we believe it should be. If you choose Workbar Cambridge as the home base, you will have access to the Workbar network including our locations in Boston, Somerville, Arlington, Salem, Norwood and Burlington. Additionally, you have the option to work from any of our network partners – some of the best local coworking spaces across Massachusetts. When you have a desk or private office at NGIN Workplace (NGIN Cambridge), on the other and, you must work from that location every day, without having the flexibility to go where work takes you.
Four Modern Neighborhoods to Support Different Work Styles
Most coworking spaces in the city, including NGIN Workplace, are made out of open coworking areas and private offices for teams or individuals. At Workbar, we not only offer plenty of common areas open to all our members, but we have taken our open coworking spaces to the next level by separating them by noise level. We understand that not everyone works the same way, so we created four different neighborhoods within our spaces designed to support different workstyles.

1) The Cafe - A conversation-friendly area with ambient music
2) The Commons - A space designed for team collaboration, no phones allowed!
3) The Switchboard - Phone-friendly area, great for conference calls and sales teams
4) The Study - Think of this space like a library, a completely quiet are for heads-down work.

So whether you are looking to write a proposal without being interrupted, or you need to catch up and collaborate with your team ahead of a deadline, Workbar has the ideal space to support you best work.
Membership Options for Tailored to Your Needs
Whether you manage a company’s operations budget or you are reinvesting your own earnings into a personal business, one of the most important things you can do to grow is choose the right workspace for you and your team.

At Workbar, our membership offerings include private offices, dedicated desks, and full-time and part-time open coworking options designed to accommodate you and your team’s unique needs. Many other coworking spaces in the area, like NGIN Workplace, other limited options that put boundaries on work flexibility and in cases, a strain on the budget.
A Large Portfolio of Meeting Rooms & A Modern Booking System
We understand the value of having a private space to host your team gatherings or client meetings. That is why our meeting rooms (large, medium and small) are open to all members and bookable via the company’s members-only digital platform. Part-time members get 5 hours/month, full-time and office space members get 10 hours/month and groups get up to 40 hours/month.

Some spaces, like NGIN Workplace in Cambridge, only give open coworking members access to small conference rooms, and reserve large ones for members with private offices, therefore limiting the capacity members have to hold larger meetings.

Although coworking is a now a global movement with significant impact on the commercial real estate business, it was initially born as a community-focused collaborative solution. At Workbar we are proud to say we stay true to that concept. When you visit any Workbar space, you can see it features many communal areas open to all members, and that’s because our spaces are designed to foster community engagement and facilitate member interactions.

While the majority of coworking companies in Boston and Cambridge, including NGIN Workplace (NGIN Cambridge) have large amount of private office spaces and few common areas, at Workbar we consider those shared spaces the heart of our coworking network. Workbar is first and foremost a collaborative community, and we wholeheartedly believe that by nurturing connections with other members we can help you expand your network, develop your career and grow your business.

Features Included in Every Workbar Membership

  • Modern Meeting Room and Community Spaces
  • Engaging Events
  • Fast and Secure WiFi
  • Free Coffee, Tea and Water
  • Complimentary Fruit and Snacks
  • Access to Other Workbar Spaces in Greater Boston
  • Access Workbar’s Members-Only Digital Platform

Why Coworking Users have Chosen Workbar?

“I've been working remotely for 6 years, and Workbar has been my homebase the entire time. I've stayed a member for this long because they continue to focus on building a strong and local community, all the while providing a beautiful and functional coworking space. I cannot recommend Workbar enough to anyone who is working remotely.”
– Steph Yiu, Workbar Cambridge Member

“When the company I was working for decided to relocate from Cambridge to the burbs, I thought it was time to start looking for another job. Fortunately, I was able to show them it would be worthwhile to cover my membership at Workbar and let me work remote. It was a win for both of us. I still walk to "the office" and get to work among a great community of people.”
– Paul Beltrani, Workbar Cambridge Member

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