Landlord Partnerships

With Workbar’s hospitality-inspired amenities and services, your building becomes a corporate destination

Why partner with Workbar?

The future of work is one of flexibility and increased focus on employee wellness, productivity, and work-life balance.

At Workbar, we’ve been championing this new way of working for more than a decade in the Boston area, offering remote workers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses beautifully designed spaces with hospitality-inspired amenities and a focus on cultivating a professional community. For our members, that means a productive workspace and flexible, scalable membership options that meet them where they are. For our landlord partners, that means boosting the appeal of an entire asset, taking it from a traditional building to a corporate destination that meets the needs and desires of the modern workforce and the major brands that they power.

Partner with us


We enable businesses and remote workers to achieve more.

Building-wide amenities

Workbar’s collaborative workspace, tech-enabled conference rooms, and ready-made event spaces increase the flexibility, access, and appeal of your entire asset.

Turnkey workspace

Workbar’s fully furnished and beautifully designed spaces are move-in ready, meaning landlords can quickly bring in new tenants without the heavy lifting.

Hands-off lead generation

Workbar’s flexible model and brand reputation appeal to scaling businesses, generating buzz for an entire asset, offering complimentary on-site services to traditional office space, and connecting tenants with trusted landlord partners.

In-house incubator

Workbar’s model attracts dynamic businesses, fresh ideas, and go-getter entrepreneurs who are eager to build a workplace community and network with professional peers but who don’t yet have the resources to take on a lease of their own. We bridge the gap between their needs and traditional workspace offerings, incubating tenants on-site before handing them off to trusted landlord partners.

Who it’s worked for



Starburst got its start at Workbar as a team of two founders. In its first two years, the startup achieved Unicorn status and their team grew quickly. They signed a lease with Workbar’s landlord partner for a 20K SF space in the same building so they could continue accessing Workbar as a building amenity. Starburst is now a billion-dollar global company with additional offices in California and Germany.


Salvage Angel

Salvage Angel reached out to Workbar for a potential workspace after seeing our marketing materials. After meeting with the team to hear about what they were looking for, Workbar’s Sales Director felt their needs would be better met by a larger space. They were connected with our landlord partner and signed a 10K SF lease.



During a period of lease negotiations and build-out of their space, Finvi (formerly Ontario Systems) worked with Workbar Burlington’s landlord partners to secure a temporary workspace within the same office park, allowing their employees to get familiar with their new location before their office was ready, and affording a seamless transition once it was finished.


When, existing tenants at 24 School Street, had an immediate need to grow their customer support team, they worked with Workbar Downtown’s landlord partner to leverage our private office spaces to quickly and comfortably flex up their footprint without displacing their team.


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