Meet the Characters of Workbar Union

While each of the Workbar  network locations has a common "feel" that's distinctly Workbar there are subtle differences between each spot.

Since its October opening, Workbar Union has developed its own identity, with its membership drawn from Somerville's cast of characters.  Meet three of these personalities as they describe coworking from the heart of Union Square.

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"It's been an honor to work at Workbar Union...


The location is not only convenient, but its been fun working in such an up-and-coming part of the Somerville. Workbar has definitely provided a haven for some of the most consistently productive work sessions I've had recently.

Social media has disconnected our bodies from our relationships. I hope that through music we can build a real world community of supporters while also connecting some of Boston's notoriously segregated  neighborhoods  through a shared vision of young people's lives being transformed by the arts.

I recently was invited to speak at TED Wellesley and my talk was called Music Education in the BEST of all possible worlds. I put forth the idea that our imperfect world is the best of all possible worlds because it creates the stage for heroes who can see problems as opportunities and dare to put themselves at the intersection of the problem and the solution."

- David: Musician, Concert Master, Educator


"I moved to Somerville from San Francisco a year and a half ago...

and the daycare we were able to get into was in Medford. So I would drop him off at day-care and then go work at a Dunkin Donuts until it was time to pick him up. Dunkin Donuts Radio really got the best of me. So, fortunately, we were able to get Milo into a nearby daycare and not long after Workbar opened. It would be very hard to go back to that DD.

Right now I’m helping someone write what started out as a business book, but his daughter was diagnosed with leukemia and now we’re navigating a change in direction that we’re not sure where it’s going. It may go nowhere, but he still wants to work on it because (I sense) it’s helping him cope. He’s seeing a world that he didn’t no existed and as he told me, “I’m not the same person I was.” It’s changing me, too."

- TJ: Writer, Author


"The best part of the job for me is the element of surprise that I experience whenever I go out and play...


Whether it's living vicariously through another stranger's excitement or feeling that I've created something totally new that would never existed otherwise, it's the unexpectedness that keeps what I do fresh and alive.

Workbar has been so helpful for me. This past month I've been able to focus on my music at a level that I haven't been able to in the past. Receiving feedback from others is always extremely helpful for me. When I am working on a song, or preparing a set etc, I'm working from my limited perspective. To have a fresh set of ears opens up tremendous possibilities for expanding my sound.

In terms of actual collaboration, I can see myself seeking out someone who does video production (I know at least one person at Workbar Union that does that)."

- Naveh: Subway DJ