Sick Etiquette for Coworking Spaces

The days are getting shorter and colder and with that, the flu season is officially here. Adjusting to the weather changes is tough on our bodies, and even if you have a healthy diet and a strong immune system, when the warm season comes to an end, it can take a toll on your health. When it comes to getting sick, the truth is no one is immune.

Working in a coworking space, where you interact with people frequently and where many of the amenities and services are shared, it is specially important to be careful with your health and ensure you are doing everything possible to avoid sickness – and if you find yourself already sick, to try your best to avoid passing on the illness to your fellow coworkers.

Here are six easy and practical tips to make sure you – and your coworkers – make it through the flu season safely.

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Something as simple as washing your hands with soap or utilizing a hand sanitizer goes a long way, specially this season. Whether you are feeling ill or not, washing your hands gets rid of the germs you may come in contact with during the day and can help you stay well.

Have Tissues With You

When you are sick, leakage is likely. We have all been there. Making sure you carry enough tissues to ensure you can clean yourself after sneezing or coughing is very important. Not only you will feel more comfortable but you will also reduce the chance of spreading germs in the environment.

Cover Your Mouth When you Cough or Sneeze

This one should be an obvious one. When you are feeling sick (and even if you are not), please make sure you avoid coughing onto surfaces like tables, doors or windows, and specially please cover your mouth if you are near other people.

Avoid Using Shared Tools and Appliances

You don’t even want to know the amount of germs that can be spread by simply giving a handshake or touching an object. That is why when you are sick, it is very important to avoid using shared office items such as computer monitors, keyboards and phones if you don’t want to pass on the illness to others.

If You Are Sick, Please Stay Home

Even if you have a deadline. Even if you have a meeting. Even if you have an important project to complete, stay home. Your health should be your priority and the truth is, it is really unlikely that you will have a productive day at work if you are feeling under the weather. When fighting a cold or a similar illness, your body benefits most from rest, plenty of fluids and staying inside – the last thing you want to do is go fight the cold weather on your way to work.

Think About The Health of Others

Even if you feel well enough to leave home, please remember that coming into work when sick can make other people uncomfortable and inevitably spread your illness. If you come in contact with your coworkers when sick, it is likely that they will feel sick too, so to avoid a cold epidemic, please stay put.

By following these tips, you will find that colds and flus are a lot less likely to spread across your coworking space, and moreover, you will probably you heal sooner and be ready to return to your productive routine in no time.


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