Stacey Shipman “Relieve Stress from Your Desk”

In January WorkBar hosted the Boston Downtown Women’s Club Brown Bag lunch series where Stacey Shipman, a yoga and wellness consultant spoke on “Relieving Stress from Your Desk.”  In her presentation Stacey shared techniques to help alleviate stress, relieve physical tension and improve focus and productivity, all while sitting at the work desk.
Stacey Shipman makes stress relief easy for busy professionals. As a wellness consultant, yoga instructor and writer, she provides programs to help you experience “feel-good living” in a way that is practical, time and cost effective. She is the creator of the audio CD Let it Flow: Short Guided Meditations and the host of the online TV program “Feel-Good Living TV”. Learn more at


Stress: When not managed can work against you

Not managing stress can actually work against you, so it’s important to take the time to use the energy produced through stress in a way that is more effective and productive rather than letting it consume your workday.

Managing stress is necessary and while people sometimes consider taking care of their needs first selfish, it is not taking care of yourself that is the selfish act.  Stress can take a toll on your personal well-being as well as the well being of those around you through daily interactions.

Take the time to relieve your stress:

  • Exercise
  • Simple breathing (Actually works! Especially if you practice outside of work)
  • Yoga
  • “Good for you” activities
  • Relaxing activities that you enjoy

Thinking vs. Doing

Exhausted by the end of the day but feeling unaccomplished? You might be thinking too much about the things you should be doing or want to do instead of actually doing them.  Feeling stressed because you haven’t made it to the gym all day?  Stop thinking and star doing; GO to the gym, GO for that walk around the park, do whatever it is that you WANT to do.  Find the time to fill your needs and watch the stress melt away.

Simple stretches make a BIG difference!

Stand up and stretch! Sitting at a cubicle or folded over all day can cause a lot of tension in your body so take a few minutes during the day to stand up and stretch out your muscles.

.Stacey’s YouTube channel


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