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Ever since coworking became a popular work trend, most freelancers and remote workers using one of these spaces have reported that they get more done here that working from home or from a cafe around the corner. But, what is it about coworking that helps you tackle your do-list quicker and smoother?

We asked our community of Workbar members to give us their tips on how to increase productivity while at their desk. Here are some pointers on how to maximize your time while coworking:

Pretend like you are in 3rd grade again, and return to the same desk everyday.

“While technically ‘open’ space does not mean you have rights to that same spot, it’s amazing how inherent social etiquette brings us to respect the spots that are regularly staked out. Having a space you return to every day will make you feel like you have an office, and people with offices must be productive because they pay a higher rent, right?” – Melissa Pickering, Managing Co-Founder of iCreate to Educate, LLC.“

Get in early and make yourself at home.

Not only do you get your day started on the right foot but you’re also almost guaranteed a chance to get set-up in your favorite spot.” – Allen Smith, Founder of

Also, “spread it out — if your coworking space has room, don’t hesitate to spread out your stuff on the table area around your spot…notebooks, papers, folders…having more “stuff” around your laptop will make it feel more like an office, and visually it’s hard to ignore those checklists and that stack of bills!” – Melissa Pickering, Managing Co-Founder of iCreate to Educate, LLC

SPEAK UP! Get to know everyone!

“I can’t even calculate how much time I have wasted fiddling with my website or Google apps or setting up one system or another, when someone sitting next to me could have told me how to do it in 2 minutes. Co-working spaces are filled with a diverse group of entrepreneurs and expertise. It’s one of the perks, so take advantage. I know I have seen it over and over again in my co-working space, if you just ask around, someone here will know the answer and be able (and happy) to help you out. Then you can return the favor by helping out others with the things you are good at. It saves you a lot of unproductive time, helps you focus on the priorities, and builds good will and great relationships with your office-mates. So don’t be shy and don’t be afraid of asking for help.” – Jessica Manganello, Founder and Managing Member of New Leaf Legal, LLC.

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Use your favorite coffee mug.

“Many co-working spaces have complimentary coffee, with cups of course, and while it seems like a small thing, bringing and using your cherished mug from home will add a personal touch to your space, and subconsciously allows you to check-off more of those emails!” – Melissa Pickering, Managing Co-Founder of iCreate to Educate, LLC.

Maintain good posture.

“Yes, we do hunch over as we regularly use laptops, but it doesn’t need to be this way at your workspace. Why not bring a real mouse to plug in? Or an external keyboard? There are docking stations available that elevate your laptop, allowing you to be one of the few non-hunchers out there! If your body is comfortable working, you won’t want to stop!” – Melissa Pickering, Managing Co-Founder of iCreate to Educate, LLC.

Separate tasks based on context and find balance.

“For example, it may be critically important that I make a phone call to Mr. Jones. But, if I don’t have a phone in my hand, or if I’m not in a quiet place, then I’m not in the right context.” – Tim Wong, Web Developer at Xzito Creative Solutions

“When I end an e-mail, a phone call, or a one-on-one meeting, I make it clear what the next steps are, and who is responsible for them. In this way, both I and the recipient clearly know whose court the ball is in.” – Tim Wong, Web Developer at Xzito Creative Solutions.

“Whenever possible, I pick up the phone instead of sending an e-mail or SMS. Much more can be accomplished via voice than via text.” – Tim Wong, Web Developer at Xzito Creative Solutions.

“When you have hit your marks for the day (i.e. met with your agenda goals for the day) relax, decompress, do something inspiring, get some exercise, meet with friends – work/life balance is key to long term success” – Steven Munevar, President and CEO of Munevar & Associates, Inc..

This article was inspired from a Mashable article that our own Melissa Pickering was featured in. There are many more tips on their article you should check out when it comes to being productive in the workplace.

We would love to expand our list – if you have any tips that you’d like to share, comment below, tweet us or leave us a Facebook comment! Now get back to work!

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About the Author: Evona Niewiadomska is a former Events and Digital Media Manager at Workbar.  She is an independent Digital Media & Design Creative with a specialty for infographic design and social media strategy.  Check out her website, or contact her via email or twitter @evonawiktoria.


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