How to Work from Home in a Snowpocalypse

Coworking is on the rise, and it’s not too hard to figure out why. With a shifting job market, less conventional hours, and a workforce adjusting to what these changes mean, a home away from your home office just makes good sense. We all know the challenges of working from home: isolation, distraction, the dazed feeling of not leaving your house for an entire day, the temptation to do laundry and run errands instead of getting down to business. But some days working from home is unavoidable, as the historic blizzard Juno that hit the East Coast last week proved.

Of course, one of the best things about belonging to a coworking space is the opportunity to get involved with the community. At Workbar, we’re lucky to have an engaged and thriving community with the drive to keep working and stay connected despite gale force winds and a steady stream of snow. So when our co-founder and CEO sent out a Juno greeting to the community at large requesting photos of everyone’s makeshift home workspace, our members responded in droves.

For some of our members and staff, building a couch nest to ward off the cold was the best response to the forbidding weather. Others reveled in the extra day at home and decided to frolic in the powdery-fresh glitter of two feet of new snow.

Even working from home, members maintained the spirit of coworking by spending some quality work time with their furry friends, roommates, and family members. We especially loved the photos of frisky dogs and fluffy cats curling up next to their owners and romping in the snow.

work from home

And of course, we had folks just plain trying to make it work amongst babies, battle stations, and makeshift standing desks (without the Workbar views). One clever member reminded us of the cozier possibilities that technology offers, and laughed in the faces of our tiny screens.


We even caught a glimpse of our more elusive members traveling in warmer climates, and their much more idyllic workspaces. When stacked up side by side, the comparison was sobering to say the least. While we were a little jealous to see the sandy beaches, visible sunlight and waving palm trees, we were even more pleased to know that they were safe and avoiding the headache of winter-weather traveling.

work from home

Finally, we’d like to give our audience what they’ve been asking for: an exclusive look inside the homes of our Workbar staff. Needless to say, we have the most glamorous home workspaces of all.

work from home

Happy shoveling all, and don’t forget to make time for sledding, skiing, and snow-angeling while you still can!

About the Author: Ann Holland is a Space & Community Manager at Workbar. You may also address her as Potroast.  Contact her on Twitter @SamuelEnderby  and on Instagram at @SamuelEnderby


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