WorkBar Boston gets Rave Reviews!

WorkBar gets frequent visitors whether it be people who are looking around & asking questions about our office space, event attendees, or our day pass workers.  Our visitors come from all over the world, in fact last week we had 2 visitors from France!  It’s great to get feedback and hear what our guests think about our workspace and what they thought of their time here; will they be back?
Check out this blog post entitled, “WorkBar Boston! Rave Reviews,” from Scott, a recent WorkBar visitor, who had a great experience working with us:

For $20, I had full use of a desk, wireless internet, fax, copier printer. In addition, they have a full kitchen and provide free coffee and snacks. You can rent meeting space and conference rooms for almost next to nothing. The best part of their environment (besides being totally cool) was the location and the diversity amongst the people utilizing the space.

WorkBar Day Pass Deal


  • Work space (available seat)
  • Work Mon-Fri 8:30AM-5:30PM

Here’s what’s included:

  • Access to fast & secure WiFi and wired Internet
  • Unlimited conference calling
  • Unlimited fax
  • Color and black & white printing
  • Free coffee & snacks
  • Access to conference/meeting rooms
  • Projector and screens available for presentations
  • Lounge and private phone areas
  • Spacious workspaces
  • Kitchen
  • Restrooms

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