Workbar Launches Second Location in Central Square

On Monday May 20, 2013, Workbar opened its second location in the heart of Central Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Workbar has transformed 13,000 square feet of ideally located Central Square office space into a modern inviting workspace designed to connect and inspire member companies large and small. The first and top floors of 45 Prospect Street have been gutted and renovated to become a hub for business productivity, social and professional networking, and cross-industry collaboration. Workbar Cambridge has four workspace zones, each tuned for a different work mode. Augmenting the open workspace zones are meeting rooms, phone rooms, private offices, organic coffee and healthy snacks, a Zen relaxation room and two outdoor decks for summertime comfort.

Central Square is the ideal next step for Workbar since the area is already home to a number of innovative and creative companies—IDEO, Harmonics, Nuance, Danger Awesome to name a few—and is a vibrant, authentic neighborhood full of entrepreneurial, creative people. Workbar is a natural fit for this culture, housing various business types and sizes while sparking collaboration by just bringing these groups together.

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In addition to a wide array of business networking, educational and social programming already lined up for the new centrally located space, flexible memberships are available ranging from part-time access for $30 a day, to full-time 24/7 access for $300 per month and up to $2,400 per month for a three-person private office with a view of the Boston skyline. All members get business hours access to Workbar’s original downtown Boston location near South Station.

The space opened for new members and tours as well as meeting room and event rentals starting May 20. Apply to Join this location or stop by for a tour!

With our continued growth and expansion, Workbar is redefining office space as a service and a collaboration network. In an age where work happens everywhere—cafes, airports, homes, vacations, traditional offices—Workbar is building centrally located collaboration hubs for startups, independent professionals, small businesses and remote teams to use as a base. With a productive work environment, Workbar fosters a vibrant community ready and willing to help each other create, build and grow their businesses. Started in 2009, Workbar now has two Workbar centers and multiple satellite locations hosted by independent companies through its innovative OuterSpaces program. Workbar is proud to serve over 250 active members from 100+ companies.


About Workbar:

Workbar operates coworking locations throughout greater Boston (Boston Back Bay, Boston South Station, Burlington, Cambridge, Arlington, Brighton, Danvers, Norwood, Salem) and several other partner locations throughout the state. Want to keep up with the world of Workbar? Subscribe to our mailing list for the most up-to-date information about our upcoming events and community news. You can also follow us on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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