Workbar Perks Program

Tap into a network of 2,000+ active and dedicated mobile business professionals,
entrepreneurs, and startups.

About Our Perks Program

At Workbar, we love providing our members with additional business services and perks to help them grow and thrive. Through our Perks Program, every member gains access to exclusive deals and discounts from local and national brands and services.

Why Join the Program

The Workbar network consists of 20 locations in and around Boston. By partnering with Workbar, your brand will be exposed to thousands of dedicated and active professionals in Massachusetts. Increase exposure for your brand through our Perks Program awareness campaigns, including a combination of member emails, event tabling, social media promotions, discussion posts, and marketplace listings on our member platform.

Who Should Apply

Member services is our top priority, making our Perk partners critical to developing a quality experience. We’re looking for both regional and national brands willing to offer exclusive discounts and promotions that provide real, substantial value to our members. The Workbar Perks Program is an excellent way for your brand to tap into our regional audience of hard-working teams and individuals, while helping you scale your user base.

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