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Setting the Bar | A Workbar Podcast

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Setting the Bar is a podcast series that takes you behind the scenes of Boston's thriving business scene, exploring the stories, challenges, and triumphs of entrepreneurs and Workbar businesses. Hosted by the dynamic Workbar duo Sarah and Maddie, the series offers an engaging mix of insightful interviews with top entrepreneurs in Boston, a spotlight on Workbar's most successful business clients, and, of course - a whole lot of fun.

Episode 1 - Meet Maddie & Sarah

Setting the Bar - Episode 1

Episode 2 - Ty Law

Setting the Bar - Episode 2

Episode 3 - Nico Varano

Setting the Bar - Episode 3

Episode 4 - Nia Grace

Setting the Bar - Episode 4

Episode 5 - Bennett Collen

Setting the Bar - Episode 5

Episode 6 - Darcy Krinksy

Setting the Bar - Episode 6

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