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At Workbar, we believe your workspace should adjust to your needs – and not vice versa. We build quality workspaces packed with modern amenities, and offer monthly membership packages that give you the freedom and flexibility to be successful. 

With 8 locations in the Boston area and 12 network locations, both in urban and suburban settings, Workbar gives you the option to choose where to work each day. 

A Community of Innovators and Mobile Professionals  

Our coworking locations foster an environment of creativity and collaboration.

Workbar spaces host a diverse community of entrepreneurs, freelancers, small business owners and remote employees working in a number of industries. Surrounded by our enthusiastic community, you will feel energized and find the motivation –and amenities– you need to do your best work each day.  

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We create spaces designed to support your best work!

Featuring different rooms suited for different work styles and tasks, at our coworking spaces you will find a friendly layout with ergonomic furniture, standing desks, soft seating, a clean design and all the amenities you need to have a productive day. Schedule a visit to any of our locations and experience the coworking magic! 

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Find Your Home Turf. Enjoy All Locations.  

At Workbar, we understand that not everyone works the same way – or roams around the same neighborhood. That's why we have multiple locations throughout the Boston area, suitable both for urban workers who need to be in the middle of town and for suburban professionals seeking a modern space closer to home.

Each of our locations has a particular vibe and atmosphere, determined by the surrounding neighborhood, the space configuration and the diversity of its members – the common ground between them are our signature amenities, modern workspaces and access to a connected community.  As a Workbar member, you are able to work from any location.

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Workspaces That Fit Your Needs

Workbar's spaces features a variety of functional workspaces built for any work style.

Whether you need to collaborate, take calls or just focus, Workbar offers spaces built specifically to help you be more productive.

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