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Bragging About Burlington

burlington office

Located right off Route 128, Workbar Burlington is an office destination that is ideal for reuniting teams, accommodating a diverse range of requirements, and providing an environment to suit any professional need. This solution hits all the marks you’re currently solving for as you try to manage all the changes around the future of work: hybrid work model, convenient location outside of the city, 15-minute neighborhood, and a continued need for in-person collaboration.

Here’s why:

Our private office spaces are flexible, affordable, and ready when you need them. Your office will be move-in ready and fully furnished. All you have to do is plug your computer in and connect to  WiFi. There are no lease negotiations or term commitments to worry about. One monthly payment covers it ALL. Not feeling the private office vibe all day every day? Hop into a coworking neighborhood and feed off the energy of the community. Altering your environment throughout the day will transform your energy and enhance your productivity.




Our Burlington Community Manager is on-site to engage your remote team and set them up when they come into the space. Does frictionless tech sound good to you? Because we know it sounds good to your remote-first employees. Plus, we’re surrounded by all the best retail stores and awesome restaurants, and we boast free on-site parking. When your team comes into the office, their trip is easy, and their day is dynamic. And if Burlington isn’t the closest location for everyone, don’t make them commute every day! Mobility is king so let them work closer to home, they all have access to all 12  Workbar locations.

Let Workbar Burlington be your company’s HQ. It’s everything you want with none of the headaches. You don’t have to think about tenant improvement dollars or lease negotiations collapsing at the last minute when the lender breaches its covenants to the landlord, janitorial services, amenities, or space management. It’s a true office dream! In addition to a floor with all the coworking amenities one would expect at Workbar, Workbar Burlington has an entire floor dedicated to large enterprise suites so companies of all sizes, in all stages of growth, can have a dedicated, private space to call their own. You’ll be among good companies, too, from start-ups to Fortune 500 and everything in between.  One company was just named by Forbes as one of North America’s best large employers. Don’t knock it before you try it.  You’ll get a tailored solution that adapts to your needs, whether it’s scaling down for efficiency, expanding for growth, optimizing for the perfect balance, or innovating for smart progress. Plus, with all the events and programming hosted by our Community Manager, we can guarantee your employees will want to come to the office.

Your team will love coming to work at your office at Workbar Burlington. There’s plenty of space for private calls and meetings, heads-down work, and a community that will inspire.

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