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Welcome Startup Boston Attendees

There’s more community where that came from

We’re glad you’re here! Crack the code for a productive workday with a week of free coworking from Workbar. Attendees of Startup Boston Week get exclusive access to a week of free coworking at Workbar Back Bay from 9/26-9/30, the week following the conference.

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A new home for your hustle

The theme of this year’s Startup Boston Week was Building Community. At Workbar, community is our middle name. Workbar is where entrepreneurs come together to do their best work, build their best products, and be their best selves as part of a growing community of like-minded professionals hustling with everything they’ve got.

Achieve More at Workbar

Sure, you can work anywhere these days – but how you work matters more than ever.

Coworking at Workbar is built for your most productive day. Workbar’s trademark activity-based neighborhoods are designed with intention, so you can put your head down or put your heads together, work the phones, or toss around ideas. With distinct noise levels for each environment, including a noise-free study space, work your day, your way.

Locations all over Boston

With a Workbar membership, you get access to all of our convenient locations in and around Boston, meaning you’re never far from a great place to work.

Find a better way to Work at Workbar Back Bay

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