Workbar: An Impact Hub Boston Alternative

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With a strong, connected community of members working across different industries, a central location in the heart of downtown and all-inclusive amenities, Workbar is an ideal alternative to Impact Hub Boston.

Workbar Downtown stands steps away from many MBTA stations and is surrounded by amenities, including hotels, restaurants, shops and more. In addition to quality shared and private workspaces, this Workbar location offers premium amenities including access to state-of-the-art conference rooms, a strong events program and a connected community.

If you have business in Boston, the location of the space is hard to beat. Having a desk or office here will put you minutes away from some of the city’s best hotels and business centers, the Boston Common, and near many of the city’s best cafes and restaurants.

Workbar Downtown
24 School Street
2nd Floor Boston, MA 02108

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Workbar DowntownImpact Hub Boston
Regional Density - Access to Other Locations in Greater Boston
Coworking is all about flexibility and agility, and for us, that means giving you access to a vast network of workspaces. When you sign up for a membership at Workbar Downtown, you get access to the entire Workbar network including our locations in Cambridge, Somerville, Salem, Norwood, Arlington and Burlington. Additionally, you have the option to visit our network partners – some of the best local coworking spaces across Massachusetts. With an Impact Hub membership, on the other hand, you don’t get the opportunity to work from different offices across the Boston area.
Four Modern Neighborhoods to Support Different Work Styles
One of the key differentiators between Workbar and other coworking spaces in the area, including CIC Boston, is the layout of the space. Every Workbar was built to include four neighborhoods that support productivity, efficiency and interaction. We understand that not everyone works the same way, that’s why our spaces were designed to facilitate different work styles.

1) The Cafe - A conversation-friendly area with ambient music
2) The Commons - A space designed for team collaboration, no phones allowed!
3) The Switchboard - Phone-friendly area, great for conference calls and sales teams
4) The Study - Think of this space like a library, a completely quiet are for heads-down work.

So whether you are looking to write a client proposal interrupted, or you need to have a call with your remote team, Workbar has a space to help you make the most of your work day.
Membership Options for Tailored to Your Needs
Businesses of all sizes, from one-person consultant businesses to growth-stage startups, all agree one thing: you don’t need to overpay to have a great, flexible workspace.

If you have been shopping for coworking space in Boston, you probably know that most companies charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited use of the facilities. But, what if you only need to go into the space a few times a month? At many coworking locations, including Impact Hub Boston, you still have to pay a monthly fee. At Workbar, our aim is to make sure you pay only for what you need, that is why our membership offerings, unlike Impact Hub memberships, include both full-time and part-time options to accommodate your needs. Only planning on using the space a few times? Then you only have to pay for that.
Generous Meeting Room Hours & A Modern Booking System
Many coworking spaces limit the number of conference room hours included in each membership, or some, like Impact Hub Boston, give members vague statements in the matter, such as ‘reasonable use’ is allowed. At Workbar, we understand the value of having a private room for client meetings, team gathering, presentations, etc. That is why we give our members a generous allotment of meeting room hours that can be booked in advance via the company’s members-only digital platform. Part-time members get 5 hours/month, full-time and office space members get 10 hours/month and groups get up to 40 hours/month.
Numerous Members-Only Community Events
While most coworking spaces in Boston, including Impact Hub Boston, are known for organizing large events after work hours, many of them have strongly focused on hosting public events that attract non-members to the space. When creating the Workbar events calendar, we prioritize building programming that is exclusive to our members and their needs. Our members-only events include both professional events such as one-on-one coaching sessions, workshops on different business topics and panel discussions, as well as social happenings like pancake breakfasts, themed happy hours, art classes, yoga and meditation sessions and more. In additional to Workbar events lead by our community team, each month we host events ideated and organized by our members, with the support of Workbar staff.
A Local Space with Insider Knowledge of the Community
Workbar started in Boston in 2009 and we are proud to have facilitated the city’s coworking boom. As part of a born-and-bred company, our teams know the ins and outs of the city’s tech and innovation scene and that is reflected in every aspect of our business, including our events programming, our partnerships, our perk partners program and more.

Features Included in Every Workbar Membership

  • Modern Meeting Room and Community Spaces
  • Engaging Events
  • Fast and Secure WiFi
  • Free Coffee, Tea and Water
  • Complimentary Fruit and Snacks
  • Access to Other Workbar Spaces in Greater Boston
  • Access Workbar’s Members-Only Digital Platform

Why Coworking Users have Chosen Workbar?

“Workbar provides me with a good work space and the technology, networking, and supplies I need to get my work done. But it’s much more than that. It’s a diverse community with a great culture! The members are my coworkers. We don’t work for the same companies but we work side by side, learn from and support each other.”
– Mary Adams, Workbar Member

“As an academic researcher, having an office at Workbar has been an invaluable resource because of the opportunities for partnerships across industries as a result of the diversity in this community. The collaborative Workbar community has helped me establish a clientele for my side business and give me the confidence and professional support to exceed the goals I had set out to achieve.”
– Elizabeth Henehan, Workbar Member

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