Inspiring, flexible workspaces within 20 minutes from
wherever you are throughout Greater Boston.

Why Choose Workbar?

“It’s a joy to come to work and be surrounded by intelligent, resourceful, and supportive people. The impromptu conversations constantly inspires and expands my thinking and facilitates our team’s productivity.”
– Deborah Burkholder, Workbar Member

“Workbar provides me with a good work space and the technology, networking, and supplies I need to get my work done. But it’s much more than that. It’s a diverse community with a great culture! The members are my coworkers. We don’t work for the same companies but we work side by side, learn from and support each other.”
– Mary Adams, Workbar Member

Workbar Locations

Workbar-branded locations in Greater Boston offer a coworking nerve center built in the form of “neighborhoods” that support specific work styles including quiet areas, phone-friendly areas, and huddle rooms. Workbar locations also offer private office space for rent.

Partner Locations

Workbar partners are additional workspaces, universities, and businesses in Massachusetts doing innovative work that Workbar members can work from.

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