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Coworking vs. Subleasing

Picking the right workspace for you and your team is an important decision. When choosing between a traditional sublease or coworking space, companies should consider crucial factors such as flexibility, employee wellness and satisfaction, and convenience. Workbar checks all the boxes of a traditional workspace and includes perks and benefits to ensure your employees are happy, productive, and cared for.

The commercial real estate process has not evolved to match the speed of business. Subleases are still a rigid, fixed commitment. They don’t take into account that most companies need to scale up and down in order to stay competitive.
What we’ve learned is that the future is uncertain and companies’ lifecycles are ever-changing. 

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Navigating the world of commercial real estate can be challenging.

Even in an economic environment where sublease space is abundant on the market, many tenants should pivot and strongly consider an agreement with a flexible space provider. Traditional leases often come with rigid terms that may not align with the flexibility businesses need. At Workbar, we understand the importance of adaptable workspaces, and that's where our flexible agreements come in.

Think of it as a dynamic tool that empowers businesses.

Find the right space for your team size without the constraints of terms negotiated on behalf of another tenant. A sublease deal gone bad is part of Workbar’s origin story.  Workbar's co-founder was leasing space from a company that had suddenly gone out of business. As a subtenant, he had no legal protections, and consequently, he was abruptly evicted from his office space overnight. This experience led him to co-found Workbar, to offer a coworking solution not only for himself but also for all the subtenants of the primary tenant.

Benefits of Coworking Space over Sublease Space:

  • Cost Predictability
  • Flexible Terms
  • Customization of Space
  • Legal Simplicities

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