Sublease space or coworking space:


Workbar’s flexible coworking, private office space and enterprise suites
offer all the benefits of subleasing with none of the downsides

Sublease space or coworking space:


Workbar’s flexible coworking, private office space and enterprise suites offer all the benefits of subleasing with none of the downsides

A better way to work

At Workbar, our spaces are tailor made for teams like yours, with employees calling for greater workplace flexibility. The Workbar model provides the very best elements of a sublease, with none of the downside.


We enable businesses and remote workers to achieve more.

Workbar provides a hybrid workplace solution, where employers provide a central HQ, for collaboration and culture benefits, with an additional workspace solution that allows employees the ability to work closer to home a few days a week

Workbar is more than just a single office, we provide access to 11 healthy workspaces across Greater Boston with our Hub and Spoke model.

Workbar provides the resources and infrastructure not available at home so teams can do their best work outside central HQ .

Our spaces are intentionally designed with activity-based neighborhoods to harbor productivity, cultivate community and collaboration, and encourage an inclusive, socially-powered environment. Remain distanced, but socially connected in our 80% open space layout.

Make a sound decision for your business.

Evolve your workplace strategy to balance office density, health and safety, employee wellbeing and team culture.

Here’s how Workbar compares with a sublease you’ll find on the market today:

Typical Breakdown:
  • $8,000 for all-inclusive workspace
Typical Breakdown:
  • $10,000 for Rent
  • $2,333 for OpEx
Cost Structure
Month-to-Month terms up to 36-Month terms
1+ year minimum
Easy and flexible agreements with built-in agility for current market, to upsize, right size or move locations on-demand.

Rigid agreements with limited flexibility due to longer terms and higher capital costs to setup workspace.
Regional Access
Access creativity, inspiration and productivity across the region at any of our 9 Greater Boston locations. Teams can travel to a workspace that is closer to home one day and closer to a colleague or client the next with our Hub & Spoke model.
Access to one location
Multiple Workspaces Choices
Outside of your own private workspace, enjoy access to our coworking neighborhoods, crafted to harbor productivity, creative breakout sessions, collaboration and connection. Our dynamic workspaces are designed for different work styles such as quiet areas, phone booths, phone-friendly rooms, soft seating, cafe, and an open kitchen.

Access to a single, standardized office and kitchen
Customized floor plans built for a generation that values inclusiveness, while providing flexible configurations for your team. 
Standardized floor plan with limited customizations available at an additional cost. 
Business Grade Internet and state-of-the-art video conferencing with the ability to check the capacity of any workspace before leaving the house. 
Business Grade Internet
Services & Operations
We pride ourselves on providing high quality workspace with a focus on operational excellence.  The heartbeat of our space is our Community Manager who will be onsite to help your employees feel welcomed  and connected. 
Operations are the responsibility of your company staff and setup is required for all services before move-in. 
Managed Safety
You don't have to worry about giving up control over your employees safety when you’re giving it to the experts in workplace wellness. Rest assured your team is safe with our best-in-class measures and COVID-compliant spaces.
Highly involved COVID regulations and safety measures are the responsibility of your company staff. 
Employee Moral
Offer your team unlimited flexibility and the freedom to choose where they work, each day. Customize memberships across your team to provide access only when your team needs it, without paying for empty space when they don’t.  
A traditional office environment with a commute and regular office hours for your team. 
Workplace Wellness
We pioneered new standards as leaders in workplace wellness. In 2018, we built the first and only WELL certified coworking space in the world as a pilot for all our locations to enhance physical, mental and business health through core principals. 
No building wellness standards

Many solutions that are just right for your business

It might be time to reconsider the traditional sublease and implement a superior flexible solution that lets your team use many workspaces on their own terms. For newly distributed teams, those between leases, those looking to minimize costs during a downturn or for employers wanting to provide more flexibility and regional mobility to their workforce, Workbar can meet your ever-changing business needs.


Long-term space

Establish a new headquarters, satellite office or an enterprise suite for a distributed workforce.


Interim space

Quality workspace at a fixed rate while you figure out a long-term solution - private office, coworking or project space.


Flexible workspace

Workspace solutions for employers looking to provide more flexibility and regional mobility for their remote teams - coworking, dedicated desks, passport membership.

It’s easier to get your team working at Workbar:

  • No hidden fees, you pay one monthly fee and everything is included
  • Pay for only what you need: each employee can have their own plan, based on their unique needs
  • Our spaces are move-in ready: simply move in, and get to work right away
  • Quickly scale up or scale down your agreement in an ever-evolving environment


Are you ready to incorporate more flexible space as a central element of your workplace strategy? Speak with a Remote Work expert today about your workspace needs.