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Upgrading Your Workspace for a Flexible Workforce

With the new challenges and demands brought by the COVID-19, offering employees flexibility is no longer a choice but a need. Workbar Downtown, a superior, cost-efficient alternative to sublease spaces, gives teams all the amenities they need to stay safe and productive, a smart, modern layout that supports community-building and collaboration, all coupled with a flexible rental approach that allows for business agility and doesn’t lock you in long term.



We enable businesses and remote workers to achieve more.

Workbar provides a hybrid workplace solution, where employers provide a central HQ, for collaboration and culture benefits, with an additional workspace solution that allows employees the ability to work closer to home a few days a week

Workbar is more than just a single office, we provide access to 10 healthy workspaces across Greater Boston with our Hub and Spoke model.

Workbar provides the resources and infrastructure not available at home so teams can do their best work outside central HQ .

Our spaces are intentionally designed with activity-based neighborhoods to harbor productivity, cultivate community and collaboration, and encourage an inclusive, socially-powered environment. Remain distanced, but socially connected in our 80% open space layout.

Coworking vs. Sublease Space: A Workspace That Supports Your Growth

Picking the right workspace for you and your team is not an easy task. When choosing between a traditional sublease or coworking space, companies should consider crucial factors such as flexibility, employee wellness and satisfaction and convenience. Workbar Downtown offers all the benefits a sublease rental in the Boston market gives you, in terms of price and location, and includes exclusive perks and benefits that will ensure your employees feel happy, productive and cared for while at work.

Below is a comparison of sublease space in Boston vs. our Workbar Coworking, Private Offices or Managed Suites:

Availability in Downtown Boston
Our modern Boston space boasts state-of-the-art private offices, team suites and open coworking areas, close to all major transport links
Business Grade Internet
Our workspaces include fast and secure wifi, as well as the option to add on a private network exclusive to your team. 
Wellness-Boosting Design Elements
With more than 10 years of experience in workplace wellness, our spaces are designed with features such as natural light, air purifying systems, a smart layout that facilitates community building, in an effort to enhance physical, mental and business health.  
Access to More Than One Workspace around the City
Workbar’s network of locations allows all Downtown members to access our 10 locations in Greater Boston. Host meetings, meet with clients or simply mix it up and go to a different location to work for the day. 
Access to Purposeful Common Areas
All our offices also give your team access to our coworking neighborhoods, crafted to harbor productivity, creativity, collaboration and connection. Our dynamic workspaces are designed for different work styles such as quiet areas, phone booths, phone-friendly rooms, soft seating, cafe, and an open kitchen.
Managed Safety Protocols That Give You Peace Of Mind
All our spaces have best-in-class measures such as desk dividers, touchless booking devices, cleaning stations, and an online tracker that allows you to check the occupation of the space, before even leaving your home.
Flexible Terms And Fixed Monthly Costs
Unlike most sublease space, at Workbar Downtown, you pay on a monthly basis and have the option to upsize, right size or move locations based on your business needs. Your monthly fee includes all services in the workspace.

Why Workbar Downtown is Better than Sublease Space

Our Workspace in Boston Offers:

  • Open coworking areas, private offices and meeting rooms exclusive to your team or a combination of both
    Customize your workspace as needed to support the unique work style of your team with private offices and enterprise suites for teams of all sizes, dedicated desks, full-time and part-time coworking memberships and more.
  • Flexibility to decide the length of your stay
    At Workbar, you can choose to pay month-to-month as our flexible model means you don’t need to commit to a long-term lease and you can add memberships as needed as your team grows.
  • Operational excellence and fully managed spaces
    The heartbeat of our space is our Community Manager who will be onsite to help your employees feel welcomed  and connected. We pride ourselves on operational excellence and consider our spaces to be an extension of the company’s brand that uses them. Your employees will have a different experience in our fully managed space, one that will foster productivity, collaboration, and communication.
  • Modern state-of-the-art meeting rooms & private phone booths
    Meet with your team or clients in any of our 10 state-of-the-art conference rooms, all with AV technology, and modern, inspiring design. Each member of your team gets 10 hours of meeting room time per month and unlimited access to 8 phone booths.
  • Top-of-the-line amenities and best-in-class safety features
    You don't have to worry about giving up control over your employees safety when you’re giving it to the experts in workplace wellness. Workbar was the first coworking space in the world to achieve WELL Certification from the IWBI in 2017 and we’ve since set the standard for wellness and safety in a pandemic.
  • Enhanced employee morale and increased business productivity
    With unlimited flexibility built into our model, employers can offer their teams the freedom to choose where they work, every single day. Customize memberships across your team to provide access only when your team needs it, without paying for empty space when they don’t.

Smart Workspaces Starting at $299/month per member

Our Workspace in Downtown Offers:

  • Our ample Downtown Boston remote workspace gives you the opportunity to offer each member of your team part-time, full-time or hourly access depending on their workload and preferences.
  • Our Downtown Boston offices give your company a fully private space and can accommodate teams of 2 to 26 members. Prices start at $499 per member.
  • Larger teams are able to add coworking memberships to give their staff full access to the office plus the common areas within our workspace.

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If you have been trying to make the move to a flexible workspace in Boston, you could reconsider the traditional sublease and implement a superior flexible solution that gives your team the option to use many workspaces on their own terms. For newly distributed teams, those between leases, those looking to minimize costs during the pandemic or for employers wanting to provide more safety, comfort and regional mobility to their workforce, Workbar Downtown can meet your ever-changing business needs.


Long-term space

Establish a new headquarters, satellite office or an enterprise suite for a distributed workforce.


Interim space

Quality workspace at a fixed rate while you figure out a long-term solution - private office, coworking or project space.


Flexible workspace

Workspace solutions for employers looking to provide more flexibility and regional mobility for their remote teams - coworking, dedicated desks, passport membership.


Fast and secure wifi you can count on, with the option to set up your own private network.

The heartbeat of our space is our Community Manager who will be onsite to help your employees feel welcomed  and connected.

Book any of our tech-enabled, stylish  meeting rooms whenever you need them.

Easy package pick up and drop off and standard mail services are included.

Whether you work best in the morning or in the evening, we don’t judge and our doors are always open for members.

Receive a generous amount of printing and scanning services, with the ability to upgrade at any time.

Refuel and hydrate with unlimited access. Hot coffee or iced, with or without milk or sugar, the choice is yours. 

Access Workbar’s digital platform including member directories, discussion boards and now, check space capacity before leaving home. 

Get exclusive access to virtual event programming with industry leading experts, Boston-based leaders and more on Workbar Live. 

It’s easier to get your team working at Workbar:

Whether you are looking for a temporary solution during the pandemic or a long-term office to keep your team engaged, focused and cared for, our remote workspace in Boston has all the amenities you need.

  • No hidden fees, you pay one monthly fee and everything is included
  • Pay for only what you need: each employee can have their own plan, based on their unique needs
  • Our spaces are move-in ready: simply move in, and get to work right away
  • Quickly scale up or scale down your agreement in an ever-evolving pandemic environment


Want more information about our flexible workspaces in Downtown? Our team of remote work experts can answer all your questions.