Looking to sublease in Woburn?

Workbar’s flexible coworking and private office space offer all the benefits of subleasing with none of the downsides

Looking to sublease in Woburn?

Workbar’s flexible coworking and private office space offer all the benefits of subleasing with none of the downsides

A better alternative for the hybrid workforce

Hybrid is the future of the working world, and many companies are moving quickly to find convenient, high-quality, and cost-effective solutions to meet the diverse needs of their widespread teams. Whether you’re looking for a temporary fix or a long-term solution, Workbar Woburn has a solution to meet your needs.

Workbar Woburn’s workspaces are meticulously designed to foster productivity and feature everything you’d expect from a downtown HQ, including private office spaces, on-site café, no-noise zones, collaborative break-out spaces, bookable meeting rooms equipped with video conferencing equipment, walk-in phone booths, and more. And with a price point that is competitive with subleasing, Workbar Woburn is flexible, amenities-rich, and move-in ready in a way that traditional subleasing is not.

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Why you’ll love Workbar Woburn

Adaptable solutions to meet your changing needs.

An easy hybrid solution

Workbar’s scalability and affordability mean you can offer your team the hybrid, work-near-home option they want while keeping your corporate HQ (or not!).

Built-in flexibility
Our all-inclusive pricing and flexible month-to-month terms mean you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees or being locked into a lease that doesn’t meet your needs.

Move-in ready

Our turnkey spaces are fully furnished, complete with amenities, and easily scaled to meet the size of your team and the speed of your move-in.

Why your team will love Workbar Woburn

Everything they love about your HQ with work-near-home convenience.

  • Cut out the commute
    Let your team regain the time they spend stuck in traffic or sitting on commuter rails, without sacrificing productivity or company culture.
  • Designed for productivity
    Workbar’s four distinct activity-based neighborhoods offer the right environment and noise level for any kind of work and worker.
  • Better than WFH
    With all the perks of HQ and none of the isolation or distractions of home, your team can work collaboratively, maintain a culture, and build a community.

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A sound business decision

Here’s how coworking at Workbar compares with a sublease you’d find on the market today:

Cost Structure
Flexible terms
1+ year minimum
Flexible, agile agreements that let you upsize, right-size, and move locations on-demand.
Rigid lease with restricted limited flexibility, longer terms, and higher costs.
With 10 locations throughout Greater Boston — from downtown commercial centers to suburban hotspots — your employees are never far from a local Workbar.
Access to one location only.
From private office spaces to coworking neighborhoods designed for different kinds of work and noise levels, our dynamic workspaces meet the needs of multiple teams and multiple kinds of work.
Access to one standardized office and kitchen.
Customized floor plans and flexible configurations to meet your teams' unique needs. 
Standardized floor plans with limited customization at an additional cost.
Frictionless technology that is easy to access and easy to use, including business-grade WiFi, and state-of-the-art video conferencing technology like Owls and Airtame.
Business Grade Internet
Services & Operations
A dedicated community manager and calendar of events keep the community connected, engaged, and informed.
Services and operations, including pre-move-in setup and after move-in troubleshooting, are left up to you and your staff. 

The right solution for your business

Whether you’re between leases, going hybrid, or growing quickly, Workbar Woburn has a solution for you.


Long-term space

Our private offices and enterprise suites let you establish a new HQ or create a satellite office that’s close to home.


Flexible workspace

Our coworking, dedicated desk, and TeamShare membership options easily let you take your team hybrid.


Interim swing space

Our turnkey workspaces keep your team happy and productive with less wasted time and energy while you figure out something more permanent.

It’s easier to get your team working at Workbar:

  • No hidden fees, you pay one monthly fee and everything is included
  • Pay for only what you need: each employee can have their own plan, based on their unique needs
  • Our spaces are move-in ready: simply move in, and get to work right away
  • Quickly scale up or scale down your agreement in today's ever-evolving work environment

Get to Know Workbar Woburn

With a sprawling 22,000 sq. ft. of workspace and ample free parking, Workbar Woburn is ideally located off I-93 and Rt. 128/95

A great central meeting point for those coming from Boston or New Hampshire, Workbar Woburn’s is our newest location, featuring the same premium amenities and meticulously designed workspaces that Workbar is known for. Employees and out-of-town clients will find the in-office work environment to meet the needs of any kind of work, while onsite courtyard, fitness center, cafes, and Courtyard Marriott mean convenience is never more than a few steps away.

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Workbar Signature Amenities


Get in touch with our team and we’d be happy to show you around Workbar Woburn, opening July 2022.