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WeWork vs. Workbar for Teams

If you're comparing WeWork and Workbar, let us save you some time. Workbar far surpasses WeWork for teams, not just because we are financially solvent, which we can't say for our friends over at WeWork, but because at Workbar, you can get out of tight, unproductive glass cubes and loud coworking spaces of WeWork and into our thoughtfully designed spaces that inspire collaboration and community.
WeWork vs. Workbar
Workbar Commons With Coffee Cup

Work Your Day, Your Way

With Workbar, you aren't just getting a beautiful private office. You're getting access to our network of 12 locations across Greater Boston and Worcester. And, you don't have to worry about the sound of ping-pong distracting you from crushing your goals when you choose Workbar instead of WeWork. Our coworking neighborhoods are designed with your work vibe in mind. So, if you want to collaborate with your team, head to The Commons. If you need to get some heads-down work squared away, hit The Study. Make it rain on your sales calls in the Switchboard, and if you do decide you want more action, head to The Cafe. You'll feel right at home anywhere you work, at Workbar.

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Community Managers, not Cruise Line Directors

All of our locations are staffed with a dedicated Community Manager who is there to take care of you and your team. They keep the space clean and organized and are there to help you with whatever needs arise with a friendly smile. You won't have to deal with trash piling up or people prioritizing the party over the work process. Our CMs keep the vibes high, but you won't see them passing out shots in the kitchen like WeWork. We like it fun, but work-fun. This isn't a cruise line, people!

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Framingham Standing Meeting Room

Intentional space,
intentionally placed.

Check out our digs at 12+ locations in Boston’s city and suburbs.

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Let’s get to know you better. What’s your favorite color? Favorite lunch spot? Ok, ok — what are your workspace needs? Take our quiz to find the best Workbar fit for you.

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What we’re known for

We’re not the only ones in the coworking game, but we think we’re the best. Why? We call them The Workbar C's, and you’ll call them the best parts of going to the office.

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