The peace of mind of home meets the productivity of the office.

Workbar has long been a leader in workplace wellness. In 2016, we built the first and only WELL certified coworking space in the world as a pilot for all our locations. As our members face new challenges to their wellbeing, we've updated our business and every one of our spaces to further enhance our members' physical, mental and business health.

  • Upgraded HVAC systems, cleanliness stations, thermal scanners, and desk dividers
  • Visual reminders throughout that make keeping your distance worry-free and reinforce community norms
  • Reduced density in our spaces and an online tracker
  • Constantly updated readiness plan that integrates local, state, and federal guidelines
  • Workbar Live webinars bring insight from industry leaders
  • Workbar Cares encourages members to exchange resources and insight



We help our members focus on what they do best.

Remote Work Experts

We take the worry out of workspace transitions by providing the resources and know-how for every situation. Our team of experts put their experience and knowledge to use in helping our team get up and running full speed.


We know your needs and teams are changing daily and want to set you up for success. We offer a wide variety of membership options to give you just what you need today—and will work with you to make sure you have what you need tomorrow.

Close To Home

You're never more than 20 minutes from a Workbar. Our network of eighteen locations across Greater Boston consists of central hubs in key locations supported by smaller spokes in complementary locales.

Workplace Wellness

We've been prioritizing member health since before it became critical. Our spaces are designed to promote member health and wellbeing.


At a Workbar and online, you're never far from a network of makers and shakers. Even when socially-distancing, as a member you can pick up new skills and ideas on Workbar Live, Slack or Workbar Cares.

Productivity Masters

We provide the resources you can't get at home so you can get to work.


Passport Membership

Workbar’s Passport Memberships give you ultimate flexibility with access to our network of 16 locations spread out over Greater Boston. With urban and suburban spaces, you will be able to choose where you work 24/7.

Start your day biking to the Workbar in your neighborhood, pop into a conference room in Back Bay for a team meeting and wrap up the day at home with a Workbar Live Webinar. We make sure you have all the tools you need to be successful and productive wherever you are.

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Private Offices

Workbar offers tailored private offices for teams of all sizes. With endless amenities and a collaborative community, private office spaces are great for startups, mature companies, independent contractors, and remote workers. We offer space customizations, ergonomic furniture, storage, conference rooms, and a connection to our thriving community.

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Enterprise Suites

For teams of up to 60 members, Workbar offers high-end, turnkey enterprise suites equipped with top notch infrastructure, amenities, and resources. Flexible month-to-month plans are available, providing your team with the freedom to adjust quickly to your ever-evolving needs. Enterprise Suites are a perfect solution for corporate teams and remote workers looking for more than just a workspace.

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Open Memberships

Workbar offers customized open memberships to suit your needs and work style. With a range of memberships, you can choose what works best for you. Our membership options include access to one of sixteen locations in Greater Boston, bookable conference and phone rooms, printing facilities, lockable storage, a variety of private and open workspaces, and an extensive member community.

Choose a membership that fits you.



Inspiring, flexible workspaces within 20 minutes from anywhere in Greater Boston.


Plans and spaces tailored to
how your team works.