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We saved you a seat.

We’re raising the bar on coworking and setting the new standard for productivity. We’re here, we're Workbar, and we saved you a seat. Join our network of 12 inspiring workspaces in and around Boston.

Coworking, private offices, enterprise suites, and more. 

You can work your day, your way, at any of our 12 locations across Greater Boston. 

Why Workbar

Connecting people, purpose, and place

At Workbar, community comes first. Our open coworking spaces are filled with opportunities to connect, so our members feel a sense of belonging and get value from working next to diverse, inspiring individuals each day.

Bump and connect. Sit next to someone new. Workbar is where water-cooler conversation might just change your life — and we’re not just talking about your professional life.


What workspace do you need?

Explore all categories of coworking memberships available. Choose whatever suits your fancy and join Boston's brightest minds. 

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Intentional space,
intentionally placed.

Check out our digs at 12 locations in Boston’s city and suburbs.

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Spaces for all work styles


Spaces for all work styles



Focus. Get it done. Heads down. Shhhhh.
Where to go when you need a quiet environment to knock things out.



Team up. Phone down. Inside voice. Work it!
Where to go when you’re working with other team members and need to chat with them frequently.



Meet up. Take a call. Have a sip. Enjoy!
Where to go if you enjoy background music and the hum of people coming and going while you get your work done.



Take calls. Win deals. Make it rain. Go get ‘em!
Where to go when you need to make calls on a regular basis but don’t want to step away from a desk to do so.


What Our Members Are Saying


Excellent space to have meetings or take Zoom calls on your own. Furniture is comfortable and the ambiance is the right mix of vibrant but not flashy nor distracting.

Good variation of spaces for thinking, conversations, collaboration, and eating. Beautiful, spacious, and has everything you need, much like a regular office. Great place to cowork!

Good away-from-home place to work in a cool industrial building.

Good location, nice locally sourced amenities. Staff involved in local culture. Always clean and put together. Excellent meeting rooms.

All of the amenities, bright environment, local coffee, great location. Very helpful staff.

A beautiful facility in a great location. As more of us work remotely, coworking spaces like Workbar are a great resource.

A very clean, motivating environment.

Workbar is a spectacular coworking space and offers spacious offices in many locations all over the Boston area and suburbs.

Matthew Liptak

So glad they have a mother’s room with a mini fridge, desk & chair, and power outlet in it. Great for working pumping moms!

Cha L

Booked a meeting room for a workshop, great space and has everything we needed. Even has a mother's room for nursing moms.

Katie Woodling

Well laid out for productive work. All of the facilities you need. Great location.

Antony Van der Mude

I've been a member here for almost a year. This location is well-run by friendly community managers. The spaces are cleanly organized into noise levels: if I don't mind background noise, I'll hang in the cafe, but if I need quiet focus, I'll move upstairs to the quiet or silent areas.

Matt Cloyd

Been at Workbar Cambridge since it opened and have been able to scale up and down with business needs - great flexibility!

Gert Jorgensen

There are different kinds of spaces so you can choose what works best for you. And the staff are so kind and helpful! They really work hard to create a sense of community. It's a great place to get stuff done.

Jordan Stillman

Fantastic coworking space with great amenities, a fun community, and events always happening. I chose the downtown location due to my desire to be downtown and near a lot of fun restaurants, but all locations are incredible.

Mike Fogarty

Prior to Workbar I went to WeWork and Workbar is much better. The atmosphere is conducive to working but also having fun with colleagues. Aside from that, they do great added extras and events. Would highly recommend!

Sarah Lintern

I just love Workbar!!!! They are just the best coworking space in Massachusetts from their suburb locations to their city locations. You will always receive the same experience no matter which location. Check them out!!!

Tre Wilkerson-Glover

Great new co-working space! Very clean, open, and spacious. Lots of great meeting rooms and workshop spaces including a podcast recording studio! Staff is really nice and professional. Highly recommend it!

A.J. MacQuarrie

Fantastic space. Plenty of call rooms. Space for all types of work, quiet space, places to take calls, and places to work quietly with teammates.

John Short

I've been a member for about a month and am very happy with Workbar. There are many different areas of the floor to suit all needs: Quiet area, cubicles, phone booths, conference rooms, cafe, standing desks, booths, etc. Prior to joining I was going to WeWork in Boston, but Workbar is so much more professional and quiet, which allows me to focus better.

Steve Douillette

Workbar has been my saving grace. I recently moved and decided to join Workbar to get out of the house a few times a week. The sense of community and new friends that I've made has been a life saver for my social life and mental health.

Andy Drennan

Great staff, facilities, and amenities. For a small company needing one office, Workbar provides the space and takes care of needs like wifi, coffee, mail, etc.

Majeed Hallaj

I absolutely love this office space. So much better financially than renting/leasing a space.


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