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Coworking designed for you, right where you need it. Productive office space for companies of all sizes, downtown and down the street from home.

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Workbar features state-of-the-art private offices, coworking spaces, and enterprise office suites where you'll feel energized. The right workspace is like a recipe for work wellness; you feel better,  you focus better, you're more motivated, you recharge, and you get more done. When you walk in the door at Workbar, you'll feel it.

Workbar; Back Bay; Boston, MA; Architect: Analogue Studio, LCC

Accelerate Your Growth

Maximizing potential, performance, and productivity.
The power of the Workbar network.

Empowering Startups to Take the Next Step, Grow & Thrive

Reach your potential at Workbar. Join a dynamic, supportive, and collaborative entrepreneurial community, and boldly grow your business.

Office Space for Enterprise Teams

Building Healthy and Productive Teams

Improve the employee experience for your corporate teams and remote workers. Our focus on workspace optimization helps you to deliver a better employee experience and enable your people to achieve peak performance.

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Cultivating Community for Remote Workers

Enjoy your work by enjoying where you work. Join Workbar's dynamic, supportive, and collaborative community in our stylish, vibrant workspaces.


"If you combined all the best qualities of an office, a library, and your favorite coffee shop, that would describe Workbar Union! It is a friendly, welcoming, and mega-productive community."

— Stephanie Marzouk,
     Immigration Lawyer


The best way to experience Workbar is to come and visit one of our locations and see the Workbar-difference for yourself.

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At Workbar, we are all about making your traditional day at the office a unique experience. Our blog offers the inspiration and tools to learn something new each day.

Awesome All-Inclusive Amenities

Onsite Team
Onsite Team
High-Speed Wifi
High-Speed Wifi
Nursing Rooms
Nursing Rooms
Meeting Rooms
Meeting and Huddle Rooms
Event Programming
Event Programming
Technology Platform for Coworking / Private Office Space
Technology Platform
24/7 Access
24/7 Access
Unlimited Drinks & Snacks
Drinks & Snacks
The Workbar Network
Access to Workbar Network

The Future of Work…Now

The nature of work is changing. Workbar enables you to experience a better workspace now. Work your way in a vibrant coworking space with a friendly community. Or, in a fully furnished private office or enterprise suite, each connected to a coworking nerve center.

With ample windows, comfortable spaces, and distinct neighborhoods for different working styles, Workbar’s workspaces in and around the Boston area are conceived with every aspect meticulously designed not only to increase productivity, but also to enhance health, wellness, and wellbeing. If you’re ready to start achieving more, visit a Workbar location and experience the future of work, right now.