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9 Species of Digital Nomads Sitting Around You: Identify Each One

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Coworking has become a new global phenomenon that is capturing the hearts of digital nomads everywhere. Since there are many types of them out there, here's the  discerning coworker's field guide to identifying each  "species" of digital nomad you might encounter in a coworking space:

Are You a Work Nomad Looking for a Space to Call Your Own?

Type #1. The Workaholic

As you have probably guessed, this species is defined by their work ethic. They focus on work even more than on traveling, so the quality of technology provided by a coworking plays a crucial role for them. Working makes them feel alive and leaves happy clients and employers in their wake. Working with a workaholic can be challenging if you’re not one of them.

Don’t try to take work away from a workaholic nomad! They live for deadlines and projects! Also, don’t mention vacations and holidays around them too much, let alone recommend them to go on vacation. The idea of spending a lot of time off might stress them out! It’s better to talk about... well, work!

Type #2: The Quirky Worker

These guys are about having fun while working. They hate routine and prefer spontaneity. In many cases, they are the ‘beating heart’ of the coworking office because they define the rules within their groups.

The Quirky Workers work because they want to. For them, being in an office is an adventure that offers some challenges. Resolving these challenges should be fun, according to them.

Type #3: The Chatterbox

You probably know at least one specimen of this species! Is there a person in your office who constantly chats with others? You know, the one who cannot live without socializing? That’s a chatter machine! They crave social interaction, so working from home is not an option for them.

These guys are very friendly and positive, and they can easily skip the “getting to know you” part and get right to friendships. A word of caution: once they catch your eye, you are destined to listen to their chatter for hours!

Type #4: The Curious Ambivert

The next type of digital nomads will surprise you. These guys like to socialize with people but they also become anxious and uncomfortable while being around too many people. They don’t take any first steps to initiate a friendship or even a conversation but, at the same time, they consider themselves social persons.

Identifying curious ambiverts is easy: they hover around the edges during conversations and meetings because they don’t like hectic social situations. Being alone around other people is their thing. Yes, we realize that sounds strange but that’s who these people really are.

Type #5: The Lingerer

All lingerers are super friendly, so talking with them is a lot of fun. Unlike the Chatterbox, they can talk or NOT talk for hours, seeming to hover near your airspace. However, they need to be reminded about work once in a while. If you have a lingerer in your coworking office, just let them  know that your deadline is approaching and you need to work as fast as possible.

Otherwise, you’ll miss the deadline. On the bright side, you’ll have company by your side.

Type #6: The Reformed Traditionalist

These guys love routine because they worked in a professional environment, so they appreciate coworking spaces. Getting dressed and getting out of the house every day is something they crave. That’s why working with reformed traditionalists is great: their experience allows them to be creative and efficient in everything they do.

So, if you have an opportunity to collaborate with a reformed traditionalist, do it! These guys are perfect companions who can give you some valuable advice and help deliver complex projects.

Type #7: The Grump

If there is someone in your coworking office who has something to complain about, don’t listen to that person. That’s a grump, a kind of digital nomad that is never satisfied. Typically, they bring a lot of negativity that can take a heavy toll on your mood and productivity.

If you have to listen to a grump, just try to offer some words of encouragement. Maybe your positive voice will improve the situation.

Type #8: The Focused Standalone

You might have noticed some people in coworking spaces who mostly keep to themselves even in a shared office. For them, a coworking environment is all about motivation because they can’t work as effectively at home. Meet the new species: The Focused Standalone.

They can be easily recognized. For example, they often sit alone in headphones while working to avoid distractions. Also, they like to visit coworking spaces that provide 24/7 access because they do their best work when no one is around them.

Type #9: The Anomaly

In most coworking offices, there is a person who belongs to an under-represented profession. For example, we are used to seeing people like web designers and paper writing service specialists in a coworking environment. This person, however, could be a lawyer, a financial advisor, or even a retired individual. These professions don’t typically use coworking spaces because they don’t need to. So, they are anomalies.

Working with these guys can be fun. Given that they have experience in a profession unrelated to technology, they can offer a new perspective and unique solutions. For example, they can help web developers and designers to deal with clients because they know how to communicate for business. So if you have a chance to work with this kind of digital nomad, appreciate them and you’ll have a great time.

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