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The Workbar at Staples Opening News Roundup

workbar at staples founders

While the Workbar at Staples Brighton inaugural members worked away on their laptops, a small parade of cameras and reporters toured to see the future of work - high quality shared coworking space featuring reservable rooms, high speed internet, a digital social network creating new connections, unlimited coffee.
This was the official Workbar at Staples opening press day and this roundup of their coverage is the next best thing to being there.


New England Cable News distilled the essence of Workbar at Staples  into exactly one minute of video.

Yahoo! Finance

Here is an excerpt from the wire, The Future of Work Is Here: Workbar at Staples Now Open

"Staples and Workbar together are driving the workplace of the future where a coworking membership is as common as a gym membership.  People need new ways to do their work, yet still have a community interaction with a network of like-minded people. Coworking is a next-gen business service now available at three Staples locations."

The Boston Globe

Janelle Nanos, staff writer for the Globe, wrote Inside Staples: a sunny co-working Workbar space

"’ll find all the trappings of the innovation economy. Smart Boards and large interactive screens, free-flowing coffee and snacks, and quirky touches like an AstroTurf lined 'courtyard' with a tiny putting green. Another remarkable addition: actual sunlight, as the architect punched holes through the ceiling to add skylights. It’s the last thing you’d expect to see in a big-box store."


From Olivia Vanni, A Staff Writer at BostInno, A Glimpse Inside Brighton's New Workbar at Staples

"We checked out the new Workbar space inside the Brighton location, which is fittingly the first Staples store to have ever opened. And one thing was apparent: When you walk into the store, the 3,500-square-foot box where the coworking space is located piques your interest and draws you in."

Boston Mamas

From Christine Koh of the blog Boston Mamas, The Brilliance of Workbar at Staples

"I imagined work stations plopped amidst the office furniture section. Well, it’s so not that. It’s actually kind of mindblowingly awesome. I wanted to to share my thoughts on why Workbar at Staples is simply brilliant for independent professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners."

Workbar Blog

Bill Jacobson, Founder, CEO and Member of Workbar, penned A letter from the founder

"As you walk around the new Workbar at Staples space, I hope you are as excited as I am about this inspiring environment we have created together with Staples.

As an entrepreneur myself, I experience Workbar as a member every day. I drink the coffee, use the conference rooms, attend the evening events, and chat with interesting, energizing people from all types and sizes of businesses. In fact, I founded Workbar because I couldn’t find suitable office space for my growing tech start up with the right amenities and vibe I wanted. And so I realized we are at an important inflection point in our culture..."


About Workbar:

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