Dedicated Desk Memberships

Boost productivity with a personal desk that is not available to other members

Secure your desk

A personal desk to power your best work

Need a private space to get your work done, but don’t quite need a private office? Workbar’s Dedicated Desk Membership offers access to a personal desk that is not available to other members. Choose your exact desk space from any open space neighborhood, based on your preferred working style. No need to move anything around day-to-day, everything stays put at your own dedicated space with lockable storage.

What’s included:

  • A permanent desk and chair only you can use
  • A lockable cabinet to store files, gadgets and more
  • Unlimited access to private phone booths
  • 400 coins to book meeting rooms
  • Access to modern shared spaces including quiet areas, our signature cafe, commons and switchboard as well as private spaces like our Mother’s Room
  • A business mailing address and mail-handling services
  • Business printer services​


Cambridge Suite - 800x530
Cambridge Suite - 800x530

Freedom to choose your work environment each day

Our workspaces are intentionally designed with activity-based neighborhoods to harbor productivity, cultivate community and frequent collaboration, and encourage an inclusive, socially-powered environment. Enjoy a dedicated desk space that is all your own, with the autonomy to choose your environment every single day, based on your unique work preferences.

The café area of Workbar Burlington.


Meet up. Take a call. Have a sip. Enjoy!

A great neighborhood if you enjoy background music and the hum of people coming and going while you get your work done.

The switchboard area of the Burlington coworking space.


Take calls. Win deals. Make it rain. Go get ‘em!

This neighborhood works well for those making calls on a regular basis, who don’t want to step away from their desk to do so.

Workbar Burlington’s study area.


Focus. Get it done. Heads down. Shhhhh.

This neighborhood was built for those that need a quiet environment to get their best work done.

The common area of the Burlington Coworking Space.


Team up. Phone down. Inside voice. Work it!

A great neighborhood if you are working with other members of your team and need to discuss work with them frequently.

Membership Plans Tailored to You: Dedicated Desk

All of the perks of Unlimited access, with the added benefit of your own personal space

Securing a dedicated desk can help individuals and teams boost productivity, reduce costs and enhance their overall work experience. Operating on a month-to-month basis, for $699/month, we offer individuals and teams the freedom and flexibility to be successful on their own terms. Members can switch plans at any time, as their professional demands change.
Secure Your Desk

Cambridge Suite - 800x530
Cambridge Suite - 800x530


We help our members focus on what they do best.

Remote Work Experts

We take the worry out of workspace transitions by providing the resources and know-how for every situation. Our team of experts put their experience and knowledge to use in helping our team get up and running full speed.


The future is flexible and your workplace starts here. We offer a wide variety of membership options to give you just what you need today-- and will work with you to make sure you have what you need tomorrow.

Close To Home

You're never more than 20 minutes from a Workbar. Our network of sixteen locations across Greater Boston consists of central hubs in key city destinations with spokes in complementary suburban locales.

Workplace Wellness

We've been prioritizing member health since before it became critical. Our spaces are designed to promote member health and wellbeing.


At a Workbar, you're connected to a network of professional makers and shakers. Get to know your community today!

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We provide the resources you can't get at home so you can get to work.

A better way to work

Our dedicated desk memberships are designed to help our members grow, innovate and achieve their goals, that’s why we offer all-inclusive packages that allow you to focus on what really matters: getting things done.

Benefits of working from a shared workspace:

  • A collaborative, professional environment
  • Enhanced sense of community and belonging, especially for remote or hybrid workers
  • Wellness-enhancing spaces featuring ample windows, reduced indoor air pollution
  • Countless networking opportunities with other shared office members
  • Access to free social events focused on community building


Let us know a little bit about your needs and one of our remote work experts will be in touch with you.