Managed Suites and Study Areas for Students 

Modern study spaces with best-in-class safety features for up to 25 students

Managed Suites and Study Areas for Students 

Modern study spaces with best-in-class safety features for up to 25 students

Managed Suites and Study Areas for Students 

Modern study spaces with best-in-class safety features for up to 25 students

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45 Prospect Street, Cambridge, MA


It’s back-to-school season! As the new academic year starts, many students will face the challenges of remote learning.

With many schools operating with reduced capacity or with a partially-remote policies, finding additional safe spaces for children and teenagers to study, interact and collaborate becomes a key task for school officials.

Workbar’s Managed Suites are an ideal solution for teachers and officials looking for safe and efficient spaces that facilitate remote learning. Our modern spaces offer all the amenities needed to facilitate online or in-person classes and collaboration and interaction, all in a safe and controlled environment.

With modern technology infrastructure, a layout that fosters community yet allows for safe distancing and the support of our on-site remote work professionals, at Workbar students and teachers will feel comfortable, cared for and productive.
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Remote learning is challenging – having access to smart workspaces makes it easier. Workbar’s study areas offer: 

Amenities of Your Own

The designated study areas are private and have their own separate entrance. The space features dedicated access to conference rooms that can be used as private classrooms, private booths for head-downs work or one-on-one sessions, desk dividers, a large cafe, drop down projector screen and modern amenities. Students can also access the mezzanine level with additional open seating, ideal for breaks and informal work sessions.

Onsite Manager & Top-Rated Support

One of the key benefits of this suite is that one of our community managers is on site to assist students and teachers or child-care specialists with any needs. We take care of all maintenance, IT, utilities, and more to ensure members are cared for and able to focus on their daily tasks. 

Modern Classroom Essentials

Equipped with high-end A/V, video conferencing equipment and top-grade wifi, your private classrooms and meeting rooms are backed by our remote workspace infrastructure to ensure easy and efficient learning.

Wellness First

Built with design features that prioritize the health and wellness of our members, this unique study space is filled with natural light and open space to maximize productivity and minimize distractions. In addition, best-in-class safety features are in place to ensure cleanliness, distancing and peace of mind. 

Greater Flexibility

Our spaces are available on demand. We know that the current times have it hard to plan for the future. This space is available without long-term obligations, providing the right solution for right now to help school officials and teachers operate with greater flexibility while allowing students to access safe study areas when they need them.   

No Upfront Costs

Invest zero capital in office space that’s still tailored to your student’s needs. Move-in to a fully furnished space to brand as your own.


Dedicated spaces for in our exclusive studysuites include:

  • Private first floor entrance
  • Socially-distanced space for 20-30 people
  • 6-person meeting room that can be used as a classroom space
  • 14-person meeting room that can be used as a designated classroom or library-style space
  • 2 private phone booths
  • 4 private restrooms
  • Private kitchen and cafe


Remote learning is challenging, but with the health concerns surrounding COVID-19 still at the center of the conversation, it is almost impossible to think about large gathering places such as schools operating the way they used to.

In an effort to prioritize health and wellness, but not compromise learning, teachers and school officials can seek alternative spaces that guarantee safety while offering a dedicated learning environment away from home.

With more than 10 years of experience designing and managing wellness-focused spaces, you can trust our team is prepared to ensure students have a unique workspace where they can be as productive in school and as safe as at home.

Schools can be assured of the wellbeing of students because of our safety-first approach:

  • Community Managers perform touch point cleaning in the entire space 2x a day and keep a log.
  • Janitorial staff perform nightly cleanings with complete wipe down using virus killing disinfectant and keep a log.
  • Members must sign our safety commitment and use the provided supplies to sanitize and disinfect frequently.


Some of the safety feature in place at Cambridge include:

  • Upgraded HVAC systems with all ventilated air filtered through MERV-13 filters.
  • Custom Cleanliness stations with PPE gear and sanitizer throughout.
  • Mandatory thermal scanners for all members upon entrance and exit of space.
  • Desk dividers, privacy screens and visual reminders throughout that make keeping your distance worry-free.
  • Reduced density in our spaces and an online density tracker so you can know exactly how many people are in the space before arriving .
  • Constantly updated readiness plan that integrates local, state, and federal guidelines
  • Mandatory orientation training for all new members.



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