Part-Time Plus Membership

Remote and flexible workspace solutions when you need them

Part-Time Plus Membership

Remote and flexible workspace solutions when you need them

Part-time solutions that give you more access to a safe, professional workspace

Workbar’s Part-Time Plus membership offers companies and professionals the opportunity to access a truly flexible remote workspace when they need it. Our state-of-the-art workspaces have been designed to enhance wellness and health, making them an ideal solution for remote work.

At Workbar, you get a workspace that is truly as safe as your home, with the comfort, amenities, and support to ensure increased productivity.

With this enhanced part-time plan, professionals can design their schedules according to their specific needs, working from the space for up to 10 days per month and booking private meeting rooms and phone booths at their convenience. Additionally, members will have the opportunity to visit and work from Workbar’s network of remote locations across Greater Boston and Workbar’s partner locations throughout Massachusetts.

At Workbar, you get a workspace that is truly as safe as your home, with the comfort, amenities, and support to ensure increased productivity.

Our remote workspaces feature:

  • Immediately Availability
  • No Move-In Fees
  • No Security Deposit
  • No Long-Term Commitment
  • Support & Guidance from our Remote Work Experts

Part-time Plus Membership, Greater Flexibility

Part-Time Plus Membership

10 days/month, starting at $229

Workbar's Part-Time Plus membership is ideal for companies, independent professionals and on-the-go business owners looking to access a healthy and productivity-enhancing workspace on a regular basis, but who do not need a remote office every day of the week.


  • 5 hours of private meeting room time
  • Flexible access to Workbar’s locations
  • Flexible access to Workbar’s partner locations
  • Access to our members-only digital platform, for networking, online events and easy meeting room booking

Focus on Your Productivity and Leave the Rest to Us

The Workbar team is fully committed to providing a safe workplace where the wellbeing of our members is the top priority. With over a decade of experience providing top-of-the-line wellness-focused workspaces, our team has the tools and know-how to ensure our members are comfortable, safe, and cared for.

When working at Workbar, members can focus on tackling their next goal – closing that deal, finishing that proposal, getting that promotion – and be assured that we will take of the rest.

Workbar’s Part-Time Plus Membership includes:

  • On-demand access to a healthy and safe work environment
  • Fast and secure wifi, better than at home
  • A full-time remote work expert on-site to support any members’ needs
  • Printing, photocopying, and scanning
  • Access to exclusive members-only digital events including webinars and online networking
  • Access to our member digital platform, including a member directory, discussions board and more

Customizable plans to meet your team’s specific needs

At Workbar, we understand no team is the same. That’s why, in addition to offering flexible membership options with different tiers of access to our workspaces, Workbar’s team of remote work experts is always available to help clients find the ideal workspace setup for their unique needs.

Need a private office for your management team? Looking for an individualized plan that gives full-time access to essential employees and part-time access to the rest of your team? Want to complement your membership with extra meeting room hours? Our experts are ready to work with you to design tailored workspace solutions that allow you and your team to thrive.

Connect With Our Experts

How we are keeping our members safe

As professionals move towards a new way of working and interacting with others in the workplace, the Workbar team has worked hard to develop best-in-class safety and design measures to ensure Workbar is just as safe as your home, but as productive as your office.

It’s our ultimate objective to provide you with peace of mind while you’re in any Workbar, so you can worry less and focus more.

Workbar's COVID-19-Readiness Plan Workbar’s COVID-19 Readiness Plan highlights the implementation of numerous health and safety measures such as enhanced cleaning protocols, use of touchless devices and thermo scanners, reduction in capacity, desk dividers and a layout redesign to prioritize social distancing.



Health-Enhancing Workspaces Closer to Home

Our network of locations allows you access to safe and flexible workspaces within 20 minutes from anywhere in Greater Boston.