Swing Space in Boston and Beyond

Looking for Temporary Office Space for your team?

Swing Space and Flexible Offices for Your Team

Whether you are looking for a new long-term lease, renovating your current space or upsizing your office, our swing space solutions allow you and your team to have a fully-equipped, smart office while you wait for your permanent space.

When renting swing space at Workbar, you get access to all the amenities and features you need to be successful at work, meaning you and your team don’t need to worry about office operations, move-in fees or utility costs.

All our swing space office solutions feature:

✓ No Move-In Fees
✓ No Security Deposit
✓ No Long-Term Commitment
✓ Immediate Availability

Looking for temporary office space for your team?

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Prioritizing Flexibility

At Workbar, we understand that things don’t always go as planned. That’s why we have designed our flexible office space and swing space plans to prioritize your needs. If construction is delayed for your new headquarters or you are having difficulty finding a convenient long-term lease, you can extend your stay at Workbar and take advantage of your swing space for as long as needed.

All-Inclusive Swing Space

Just because you are occupying a space on a temporary basis, it doesn’t mean that you should settle for something mediocre. Our modern temporary offices and swing spaces offer state-of-the-art amenities and all the resources your team needs to excel. Most importantly, all these features come with your swing space at not additional cost.

Our swing space solutions include:

  • Ergonomic furniture including desks and chairs
  • Lockable storage
  • Idea paint or whiteboards for brainstorming
  • Fast and secure wifi, with the option to set up your own private network
  • Space customizations including company logo vinyl signs
  • Access to state-of-the-art conference rooms and break areas
  • Complimentary water, coffee and tea
  • Complimentary fruit and snacks
  • A full-time community manager to support members’ needs
  • Printing, photocopying and scanning
  • Cleaning services
  • Mail handling

Whether you stay at Workbar for a month or three years, we want your team to be as comfortable as they would at your HQs and have the opportunity to take advantage of all the perks our coworking network offers, including:

  • Ability to use common workspaces designed for different work styles such as quiet areas, phone booths, phone-friendly rooms, soft seating, cafe, and open kitchen
  • Access to Workbar’s members digital platform including member directories, discussion boards and more
  • Exclusive social and professional events
  • Access to other Workbar spaces and partners across Massachusetts

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Swing Space across Greater Boston

Workbar’s ample network of coworking and temporary office space allows us to offer your team swing space in a number of prime locations in Greater Boston.

Urban Swing Space

If most of your team commutes into the office using public transportation and you enjoy the perks of city life, our four urban short term office spaces are great options.

  • Boston – South Station
  • Boston – Back Bay
  • Cambridge – Central Square
  • Somerville – Union Square

Suburban Swing Space

If you want to stay near Boston’s coolest suburbs, have access to free parking and help your employees skip the commute into the city, our suburban locations are an excellent alternative.

  • Burlington
  • Salem
  • Arlington
  • Norwood

Swing Space Available for Large and Small Team

Whether you manage a remote team for a global company, you lead a growth-stage startup or you have a three-person business, our office portfolio includes swing space designed to accommodate your team’s needs.

  • Personal Offices (1 person)
  • Team Offices for 2 people
  • Team Offices for 3 people
  • Team Offices for 4 people
  • Team Offices for 5 people
  • Team Offices for 6 people
  • Team Offices for 7 people
  • High-end, turnkey enterprise team suites for large teams of up to 100 members.

Swing Space Pricing

Our swing space and temporary offices are available starting at $1,100/month.

The pricing of our spaces varies depending on the size of the office and the location of your choice. All our office prices include all services and require no move-in fees or long-term commitments. Contact our team for specific pricing inquiries or to take a tour of our temporary work spaces.

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