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Back-to-School: Finding Safe Remote Learning Spaces to Study and Socialize

Empowering Students: Finding Efficient Study Spaces

As colleges and universities around the country opt for a fully or partially remote class offering, students have been left seeking efficient and safe places to study, gather and socialize.

Designed to support productivity and facilitate community, Workbar’s flexible remote learning workspaces are a great option for college students in need of a convenient location to complete their coursework in the new semester.

In the new era of remote work and remote study, flexible workspaces are helping working professionals transition back to the office, and giving students the opportunity to access fully equipped, safe and conveniently located study spaces that offer all the amenities needed to ace the semester and access an engaging community.

Staying Productive and Positive Amid the Uncertainty

College students are going back to school with extreme uncertainty – online classes, reduced face-to-face time with lecturers and peers, and a lack of safe places to work and socialize. While facing these inevitable factors, students are also dealing with the usual pressure to excel academically.

While it remains uncertain when classes will be held in-person again full-time or when traditional study and gathering places will operate normally, it is clear students and university officials must prepare themselves for a period of inevitable change – and ensure students have the resources and support they need to perform their academic duties from somewhere other than university campus, their dorms or their home. Having the option to access workspaces for college students designed to help them be productive, focus and stay social becomes crucial and can help students stay organized and positive, and reduce worry and stress.

Built for Collaboration: Workbar workspaces can act as project spaces, study spaces and collaboration spaces for groups, plus some amenities that include: 

Every space has a large quiet area perfect for reading, studying or heads-down work, reliable wi-fi, common areas with ergonomic furniture, complimentary office supplies, and private rooms a ideal for meetings, calls and online lectures. 

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A Safe Space to Be Social: Keeping your Mental Health in Check

For both students and professionals, much of the focus in the past few months has been around staying healthy by avoiding falling physically ill, yet a crucial aspect as we move forward to the new normal is keeping our mental health in optimal state.

Apart from the inconvenience switching to remote learning, college students are also dealing with worries such as risk of isolation and a lack of spaces and opportunities to socialize.

In an effort to support holistic wellbeing – and focus on mental health in the study or workplace – our spaces are still designed to foster community and facilitate interaction through safe and distanced in-person community events and engaging online forums.

Opting to study and complete coursework from one of our remote workspaces gives students the opportunity to safely and easily socialize with their peers.



Multiple Membership Options And Locations for Full Flexibility

Workbar’s flexible memberships offer students the possibility to decide when and how they want access to the remote learning workspaces.

While many students might feel the need to have a space they can access every day, others might prefer to use workspaces only to complete demanding assignments a couple of times a week – or might choose to find a private, safe study space away from home only during exam season.

Our team of remote work experts have designed exclusive College Membership options with different tiers of access that adjust to each student’s specific needs (full-time, part-time or on-demand access). 

At $199/month, our marquee College Membership gives students full-time access to one of our workspaces in Boston and beyond.

Safe Places to Study in Boston and Beyond

In addition to choosing how frequently to use our safe study spaces, students also have the flexibility to choose which location to study and work from.

Workbar Burlington’s study area.

Locations that are close to home or campus

Inspiring, flexible workspaces within 20 minutes from anywhere in Greater Boston.


Looking for a safe and convenient place to study? Connect with our team of remote work experts and learn more about our membership options.