Workbar Live: Engaging Communication Techniques in a 2D World with MCML Consulting Founder Kerriane Panos

We want to make sure that you have access to all of our Workbar Live Sessions that help assist you with educational information from our wide range of panelists – and do so at your leisure. We are uploading all of our past sessions to make viewing easier for you.

Check out our session with Kerriane Panos, the founder of MCML Consulting, on Communication Techniques in a 2D World. In this session, Kerriane reviews techniques to keep others engaged during virtual one-on-ones (eye contact, effective body language and voice techniques) or large group meetings (using your voice to take the floor, scanning participants for engagement or utilizing virtual tools). This is a very informative session for those who will continue to work from home or already work in a remote setting.

What are the biggest takeaways?

1. Clear Communication. Not knowing everyone’s internet bandwidth, make sure that you are speaking clearly and slowly. This way, if something drops, people can still get the overall message without you having to repeat yourself.

2. Be aware of your body language. Move slowly to keep up with internet slacking or freezing. Maintain eye contact by putting the meeting or webinar in speaker view, so that you aren’t distracted by your own image. Constantly move shoulders and stay engaged by nodding and using below the shoulder hand gestures.

3. Be engaging without being distracting. Use silent tools like the chat box, Q&A function, or allow participants to “raise hands” during the session. Presenters can pull back from the screen to show they are in control. Do not use body language above your chin. Also, do not use distracting backdrops.


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