New Faces At WorkBar – WorkBar Wins June ’12

We had a lot to celebrate this month at WorkBar HQ – Starting June 2012, WorkBar welcomed a total of 3 new faces to our team!  Over the last 3 year we’ve grown in size and spirit and it was finally time to kick our (WO)man power up a notch (or 3)!  We looked for the BEST, and we got it!
New Faces at WorkBar:

Anne Alison Cassidy

With our A-team in place, there was only one true way to celebrate OUR win with the rest of our members – A WorkBar Wins Happy Hour!  Workbar Wins is a member only happy hour hosted on the first Friday of every month.  A member favorite where we all hang out, unwind and connect with each other while sharing recent WINS a.k.a., what rocked our week!

This month we set up camp in the cafe lounge where the music was flowing – We look pretty good don’t we?


Check out Alison, our new Space and Community Manager, front and center on her first day! Shouldn’t everyone’s first day on the job look like this?

The competition was fierce with wins ranging from triathlon training, website launches, and quitting the family business to pursue a bigger & better … but alas, there can only be one FOUR winners!

Workbar Winners

From left to right

Mike Rheaume, Co-Founder of SnapKnot, announced a pretty exciting win; One of Snapknot’s photographers will be shooting an exclusive bridal line for a major fashion brand! Twitter: @mikerheaume | @snapknot

Jackie Thong, Co-Founder of Ubiqi Health, was pumped to find out Ubiqi made it as a Mass Challenge finalist! Good luck Jackie! Twitter: @Jacthong | @Ubiqi

Alison Baldyga, Workbar’s brand spankin’ new and fabulous Space & Community Manager!  Her win is our win too – We’re SO excited to have her join our team!  Next time you’re in, make sure to say HI! Twitter: @themoxstopshere

Larry Yu, President of Meritage Media, fired up the group when he announced that his inbox read ZERO!  And the crowd goes wiiiiiiiiiiild! Of course everyone jumped in with their inbox strategies and others, who lacked them and with eyes glazed over just thinking about their inbox, asked questions on how to manage, organize, etc, etc … After about 20 minutes of this, @Mhhughes8, Biz dev @cofounderslab, realized he’d had enough!  He cut everyone off from any more inbox talk – thankfully – and we quickly got back to the business of our Friday night and put work and email on hold! (Thanks Mike!) Twitter: @LarYu

To leave you with some hope as you tackle your workday – Here’s Larry with NOT ONLY an empty inbox… but literally NOTHING calling his attention on the computer screen (at least for that second… 😉

Inbox Zero

About the Author: Evona Niewiadomska is the Events and Digital Media Manager at Workbar.  As of January 2013 she is an independent Digital Media & Design Creative with a specialty for infographic design and social media strategy.  Check out her website, or contact her via email or twitter @evonawiktoria.


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