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Workbar on Workbar

Workbar on Workbar

The team at Workbar uses Workbar just as Workbar intends. Let us show you the ropes. At Workbar.

Get the Gang Back Together

We do a lot of case studies around here. So many of our members and the companies they work for perfectly exemplify how we intend Workbar to be used. Whether it’s a large regional company with an HQ in Woburn, an entrepreneur who bounces around all of our locations for meetings, or a small Boston-based start-up making its way into the tech space, our members thrive at Workbar. 

But all these case studies got us thinking. As our team bounced around locations for meetings, bumping and connecting with members, we realized that, hey, we’re a pretty good use case ourselves. We put our pants on one leg at a time like everyone else, ok?! And we use Workbar like everyone else, too!

"Our decision to NOT have an HQ was intentional. Everything we do is really purpose driven. Our days are very nuanced, so we go where it makes the most sense."

Sarah Travers, Workbar CEO

The Neighborhood Vibe

Workbar doesn’t have an HQ. Our CEO, CFO, accounting team, sales team, and marketing department work side by side with our members in our coworking neighborhoods. We reserve meeting space through our tech platform and drink refreshing Bevi water in the cafe. We get heads-down work done in The Study and call potential members from The Switchboard. Have you seen our recent commercial? We came up with that idea in The Commons! Yes, we work for Workbar, but we’re members, too!  As companies move to optimize their hybrid model, we’re here as experts not only because it’s our business but because we live it, day in and day out. Let us show you the ropes.

"We bounce around locations based on where we have to go for meetings. We're usually in the space 3-4 days a week because that in-person collaboration can't be beat."

Kara Brown, Senior Lead Generation Manger

Bouncin' Around Greater Boston

You’ll be amazed at how much you and your team can accomplish at Workbar in a week. Maddie and Kara live on opposite sides of the city, but take a look at how they make it work every week, at Workbar. 

Maddie lives less than two minutes from the Needham location, and has two kids, so Kara makes the trek to kick-off the week. They sit in the cafe to keep their vibes high and chat about the weekend as members roll in. Then they get to work in the commons to plan the week's projects. 

The team heads Downtown to meet with some potential new partnership companies and to have easy access to Maddie's favorite lunch spot, Clover Food Lab. 

Wednesday is a Woburn day! Kara lives around the corner, and it's Maddie's turn to make the commute. She doesn't mind, because Woburn is a favorite location. There's so much space in the commons to collaborate!

Back to Workbar Needham in the morning to meet up with the sales team, who is touring companies through the new expansion. In the afternoon, they head to Quincy to meet up with the revenue operations team. Time to talk budget!

They did it! The gang made it to Friday, and now it’s time to tie up some loose ends. It’s Workbar BackBay to get the Tatte fix and to be close to their Friday night dinner reservations. 

Your team will thank you

We have memberships to fit every need. Whether you're a lone wolf entrepreneur or a dispersed team looking to get the gang back together, you'll find a solution that empowers your team to work their day, their way. We saved you a seat!