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How Much Does Office Space Cost in Boston?

As the (self-proclaimed) experts of everything Boston, where historic charm meets cutting-edge architecture, the real estate scene is not just visually stunning—it's a dynamic hub of business activity. Sit back while we unpack the various factors influencing the cost of office space in Boston. We’ll explore the nuances of location, from premium zones like the Financial District and Back Bay to more budget-friendly areas further from the city center. We'll also examine how the class of a building affects its value, with Class A properties maintaining robust prices, while Class B locations might offer more accessible entry points. We’ll arm you with the knowledge to navigate Boston’s real estate complexities and capitalize on its opportunities.


Breaking Down the Average Cost of Office Space in Boston Per Square Foot

The average cost of office space in Boston varies significantly depending on a variety of factors.  The price per square foot of office space can range dramatically, from $30 to upwards of $80, which is reflective of Boston's diverse economic landscape. But what exactly influences these costs?


Factors to Consider


The adage, location, location, holds particularly true in Boston. Office space in prime areas like the Financial District, Back Bay or Downtown Boston command premium prices due to their proximity to business hubs and essential services. Conversely, greater Boston areas further from the city center tend to be more affordable, though they may lack some conveniences.  The classification of the office building plays a significant role in its valuation. Class A buildings consistently maintain their value due to their superior amenities and facilities, whereas Class B buildings have experienced a slight decline in value.



The type of amenities offered can also sway the cost. Buildings with state-of-the-art facilities such as advanced IT infrastructure, fitness centers, and conference rooms typically have higher rental rates. These amenities not only add convenience but also enhance the working environment, making them a valuable asset for businesses looking to attract and retain talent.  High Street Place, a new food hall in one of Boston’s premier financial district high rises, features 20 concepts from Boston’s best chefs, plus live music and experience driven events.  All over Boston, Asset Owners have revamped their lobbies and amenities space to include golf simulators, craft breweries, local coffee shops and more in the hope of attracting creditworthy tenants. Winthrop Square, for example, was able to attract Deloitte, Cambridge Associates, and McKinsey with its delivery of a premier work-live-play asset in Downtown Crossing. 


How Much Office Space Do You Need Per Person?

Determining how much office space you need per person is a critical decision that affects both your budget and your employees' productivity.  In the early 2000’s, the thought was to allocate 250 square feet per person. Many executives sat in large office properties all by themselves, which now seems very outdated and inefficient. Nowadays, on average, the typical allocation ranges from 75 to 150 square feet per person. When GE first relocated to the Fort Point Channel, they pioneered the open plan concept, with even the CEO working elbow to elbow with his colleagues. We’ve seen the pendulum swing the other way and now it’s rationalized somewhere in the middle. Ultimately, it’s how intentional a company wants to be in their design. At Workbar, we've dedicated more than a decade to refining our physical layout, creating an environment so thoughtfully designed that other companies strive to emulate it.


Future Trends: Will Office Space Costs in Boston Increase in 2024 and Beyond?

Looking ahead, the cost of office space in Boston is anticipated to continue evolving. The boom of the Life Science industry has kept Boston’s real estate market in hot demand. Other factors such as economic growth, the influx of businesses into the area, and commercial real estate developments also play crucial roles.  The Lego Group, for example, recently announced that it was moving its headquarters from Enfield, CT to Boston, Massachusetts by 2026. Its leadership group cited Boston’s diverse talent pool and the company’s commitment to remain at the forefront of innovation as the reason for the relocation. One thing is certain, when you gaze at the Boston skyline, it is dotted with cranes, a testament to the city's vibrant growth and constant development. Comparing current prices to past rates, there's been a steady rise in costs, suggesting a likely continuation of this trend. Potential investors and renters should stay informed of these trends to best position themselves in the market.  Assets may be selling at lower rates but ultimately, rents are holding strong, especially in the Class A Buildings.


How Does Boston Office Space Rent Compare to Other Major Cities in the U.S.?

When compared to other major U.S. cities like New York or San Francisco, Boston's office space rent generally stands in the higher tier. It is more affordable than Manhattan but typically more expensive than cities like Atlanta or Denver. This positioning reflects Boston's status as a significant business and education hub, balancing reasonable costs with a wealth of opportunities.


Workbar Offers the Best Work Space Solutions in Boston

For those seeking optimal office space solutions in Boston, Workbar emerges as a top contender. Catering to both individuals and teams, Workbar provides flexible office space and coworking solutions that adapt to modern business needs. Whether you need a desk for a day or a permanent suite for your growing team, Workbar's network of locations and range of services offers the best solutions tailored to fit any requirement.  With the introduction of Synergy Suites, Workbar now seamlessly combines the benefits of conventional office settings with the flexibility of modern workspaces. Increasingly, tenants are expressing gratitude to their brokers for steering them towards Workbar, recognizing it as a space that truly understands and fulfills their business requirements.