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Lower Your Costs Using a Coworking Space for Your Next Hire

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In the past, having a business usually meant having an office. A lease on commercial real estate was a huge expense and a barrier to entry. The cost of having a private office at a suitable location affected every business decision from hiring to product development. But traditional offices are the the only option when considering a workspace anymore.

Disrupting the system

Business models have changed and with them, the workplace has changed. Operating with a distributed workforce, across town or across time zones, is the new normal. That's why so many businesses from all sizes and entrepreneurs have turned to low-cost, low-commitment coworking spaces to significantly reduce their costs and allow more revenue to pass through into profits.

Professionalism On-Demand

Coworking spaces open up cash flow by costing much less than a traditional lease for a private office and free business owners from the costs of dealing with a real estate company.

Placing new employees in a coworking space also allows you to be more flexible. You can grow at your own pace when you have the freedom to scale up or down operations as needed. Additional cost savings come from not having to pay for utilities, wifi, printer maintenance, coffee, as these are all included in the fee you pay to place your employees in a coworking space.

Interested in Coworking in the Boston Area?

A collaborative space to grow

As a part of the larger trend of sharing economies, coworking spaces allow everyone to split the costs of higher quality materials. Business owners get to allocate rent expense over to profits or reinvestment in the business. Meanwhile, workers get to work more productively while interacting with professionals from other companies, attending free events at the space and building meaningful relations.

So, in the end, it's not just about the cost savings. Coworking spaces attract a community of like-minded workers where collaborations thrive and new connections are made daily. Think of it as a permanent innovation incubator, where the enterprises of tomorrow are born and serendipity is a way of life.

Options for All Work Styles and Budgets

The coworking trend has grown and evolved significantly in the recent years. Coworking no longer no longer means solo-entrepreneurs sharing desks and good wifi at an communal office. Today, coworking spaces offer business solutions designed to assess a variety of needs – from a private office space in Danvers to a shared workspace in Back Bay. And because of this flexibly of services organizations of all sizes – from startups to Fortune 500 companies – are moving towards coworking as an option to lower cost of operations and provide additional perks to its employees.

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Prime Locations around Boston

Coworking spaces also offer workers the possibility of having a desk at a prime location in a city. Your next hire could have a prime address at the center of everything in downtown Boston with a desk at Workbar Back Bay at an affordable rate. They will even enjoy awesome views and all the business necessities from free office supplies to bottomless mugs of coffee. Or they could be based closer to the intellectual center between Harvard and MIT in Workbar Cambridge.

Level Up

If you are looking to explore how coworking can contribute to the success of your business while reducing your operating costs, contact Workbar to find out more about coworking locations, membership options and perks.


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