Introducing the Workplace
Mobility Program

All-access workplace mobility passes for teams 

The workplace perk your employees are waiting for

Workbar’s all-access workplace mobility passes offer teams a remote work solution where they can do heads down distraction-free work, meet and connect with their team, all across the region—for $199 per pass.

Each all-access pass includes:

  • 10 days per month of open coworking at any location
  • 5 hours per month of meeting room time 
  • 1 user simultaneously

Unlock mobility with the workplace of the future 

For many companies, the idea of a single central HQ where everyone gathers to work is now outdated. Rather, the future is hybrid. 

  • A central HQ operates as a hub for employees, with satellites connected to it by spokes
  • People can work closer to home, companies save money and a flexible central HQ is still there if needed 
  • Businesses can easily and rapidly flex up and down in terms of the space they use, should circumstances require

How it works

This new way of working will move your business forward

Choose the number of passes you want for your team 

Passes can be purchased in packs and used by groups of employees – distribute them across your team to use on demand as long as only one user is actively using a pass at any given time. For example, if 25 passes are shared between a team of 50, 25 employees can use a Workbar location on any given day. There is a minimum of 5 passes required for this program.

Each all-access pass includes:

  • 10 days per month of open coworking at any location
  • 5 hours per month of meeting room time
  • 1 user simultaneously
Employees can individually self select access to Workbar 

Let your employees do the planning for you. As part of your company’s benefit package, employees can individually self select access to Workbar so you have more information about each person's unique needs.

Pay on a monthly basis with no commitments

Each pass is $199/month and companies can use them as a short-term perk or a long-term employee benefit and remote work solution.

Get data regarding how your employees are using the space

Executives, HR specialists and team leaders can track space usage, identify popular locations, and more by using the real-time data accessible through our proprietary technology platform.

The real estate
portfolio of the future
will include Workplace
Mobility Programs 

Companies that are able to implement remote working at scale will create a more agile working culture that lets them respond quickly to sudden developments – pandemics included. Workbar is already partnering with companies just like yours to make this flexible future a reality. 

Take a look below at two of our case studies:


A finance company that previously worked from a central HQ with 100 employees in Massachusetts.


The company wants to shift away from a central HQ as their single workplace in order to offer employees more flexibility in where they work, with the following hybrid approach:

  • 1-2 smaller hub premises in the city
  • 1-2 spoke offices around the suburbs where its workers would normally commute from
  • Work from home

Suggested Workplace Mobility Program at Workbar 

25 workplace mobility passes shared across staff of 100

What’s included: 

  • 250 days of coworking at any Workbar location each month
  • 125 hours of meeting room time each month for zoom calls or team breakout sessions
  • Up to 25 employees at Workbar each day

Total cost: $4,975/month


A large analytics company with 300 employees.


The company is rethinking their workplace approach post-pandemic. Many employees have grown accustomed to working from home and would like more choice in where they work on a daily basis.

  • 1 hub in the city
  • A series of spoke offices around the suburbs where its workers would normally commute from
  • Work from home

Suggested Workplace Mobility Program at Workbar 

75 workplace mobility passes shared across staff of 300

What’s included: 

  • 750 days of coworking at any Workbar location each month
  • 375 hours of meeting room time each month for zoom calls or team breakout sessions
  • Up to 75 employees at Workbar each day

Total cost: $14,925/month

Workplace Mobility Better Serves
Companies and Employees 

By implementing Workbar’s Mobility Program, your company will:

  • Become a more attractive, flexible employer to current and future employees
  • Enable employees to meet, connect and collaborate in a safe and productive space
  • Deliver wellness-focused offices as an extension of your company’s brand
  • Access on-site staff that ensure your team is both safe and supported 
  • Access usage metrics and real time data to learn who is using the membership, at which locations and how often 

While employees enjoy:

  • A different working experience than home and previous or existing HQ
  • Space to meet colleagues freely and safely across the region at any time
  • Shortened commute time 
  • Less isolation, at-home distractions and communication difficulties 
  • A safe environment to get work done away from home
  • A supportive and proactive employer 

Why Workbar?

  • Work freely across the region
  • The end of a single fixed workplace marks the beginning of stronger growth, innovation and creativity. Each all-access pass includes 10 days of access per month at any location—employees do not have to choose a home location to work from, leaving them free to work across the region at their convenience

  • Easy to book spaces for gathering
  • Included with your workplace mobility passes is an oversupply of meeting room time to gather and connect with your colleagues. We provide access to a scheduling tool that makes booking consistent weekly or monthly meetings a breeze—teams can book any meeting room at any location with Workbar’s centralized platform. Easily schedule a weekly meeting for the dev team or a monthly breakfast for the marketing team to gather, socialize and connect.  

  • Pass sharing for ultimate flexibility and cost savings  
  • Employers can distribute passes across their team, putting the ultimate flexibility into the hands of their employees. Employee’s can use a pass when they need it and share it with a teammate when they don’t. 

  • Wellness plus safety for stronger peace of mind
  • Our team has built wellness-enhancing workspaces for more than a decade. Workbar’s operational excellence, expertise in wellness-focuses offices and best-in-class safety measures act as an extension of the company’s brand and ensures your team is both safe and supported in our spaces. 

  • Data for more strategic real estate decisions 
  • Access real-time data through our proprietary technology platform to make more strategic real estate decisions based on employee usage across locations and workspaces.  

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Employees are demanding greater flexibility in how, when and where they work. Remote work encourages stronger work-life balance and can result in higher productivity when properly implemented. Amongst the many benefits of this next-gen workplace perk are increased autonomy and flexibility, shortened commute, a unique working experience other than home and existing HQ, space to meet colleagues for collaboration in a safe environment.

We are finding that many companies prefer to retain their same or a new HQ as a centralized workplace for their employees. Given the acceleration of the remote work trend due to the pandemic, we recommend that employers offer more than just a single workplace such as an HQ. The future is hybrid and the most strategic employers are embracing that shift today by offering their staff a centralized HQ, additional satellite offices close to home and many are offering to maintain some form of work from home. 

For companies looking to make sense of this new normal, flexible workspace solutions from Workbar can help. The Workplace Mobility plan offers affordable workspace passes that can be shared amongst teams or groups of employees. Other memberships are tied to individuals and cannot be shared.

The Workplace Mobility program allows access to our network of locations across Greater Boston as part of your membership fee. We encourage you and your team to choose where they work from each day!

That’s no problem! Fill out the above form to let us know you’re interested. You’ll be put on a list for this program and given access first when it launches. If you’re still not ready at that time, you’ll remain on the list but others on the list will move ahead of you until you’re ready.

Thanks for your interest! Fill out the above form and let us know you’re interested in the pilot program. We’ll reach out to you and discuss the opportunity with you directly.

This program requires a minimum of 5 workplace passes to be active at any given time.

There is an initial, one-time setup fee of $25/person or $500 per 50 people.