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All about Workbar’s
Mobility Program

Mobility passes can be shared between employees and offer coworking access to any Workbar location.

Our conveniently located, distraction-free workspaces are tech-optimized and purposefully-designed for productivity and well being, and come complete with all the amenities of an HQ (hassle-free!) – all for just $199 per pass.

Each all-access Mobility Pass includes:

  • 10 days per month of open coworking at any Workbar location
  • 5 hours per month of meeting room time
  • 1 user simultaneously
  • 5 pass minimum
  • Real-time data on workspace usage

Everything you need
to take your team hybrid


A trusted source for the hybrid revolution, as a local Boston-based business with 10+ years experience in coworking.


Dynamic space is the secret sauce for happy hybrid teams because no two employees work the same way. At Workbar, we provide intentionally-designed spaces for activity-based work.


The office as we knew it is over. More choices for when and how to work promote better innovation and creativity. Access any of our 9 locations in Greater Boston with hybrid passes.

Our coworking spaces were built differently. Intentionally designed work zones provide space for teams to do their best work, whatever that may look like.


Study spaces for
deep work and zero


Open space Cafes
and Commons for
collaboration and culture


High-tech meeting rooms
for at-the-ready
conference space


Switchboard for
the sales team

workbar hybrid workspace revolution is here


of companies have gone hybrid


of companies have a hybrid at-will policy, allowing employees to choose their in-office days.


Workbar's strategy of not just being downtown but also in the suburbs, that's absolutely one reason we chose them.

Chris Selland, CEO DipJar

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Workbar Mobility Passes are perfect for your team if you want to...

  • Implement a hybrid workplace immediately 
  • Boost employee happiness, health and productivity 
  • Offer a close-to-home workspace that has everything you need from an HQ, as a supplement or replacement for your previous office
  • Flex up or down as business needs change, with less wasted overhead


Workbar makes it easy to set up hybrid work capabilities for your team. Let us show you how.


A hybrid approach to work encourages better work-life balance and can result in higher productivity. Employees are asking for increased autonomy and flexibility, shortened commute times, better delineation between work and home, and safe ways to collaborate with colleagues.

Having a place to call home is important to many companies. Since the pandemic, employees have grown accustomed to new ways of working, and employers that support flexible work arrangements will be more competitive in attracting and retaining top talent.

For companies looking to future-proof their workplace, flexible workspaces can make all the difference. The Workplace Mobility Program offers affordable, sharable workspace passes that help your team do its best work

The Workplace Mobility Program gives your people access to our network of locations across Greater Boston as part of your membership. You and your team can choose where to work, each day.

We get it! Fill out the above form to let us know you’re interested. We’ll add you to our list and reach out to check in and see what your needs are in the future.

The Workplace Mobility Program requires at least 5 passes to be active at any given time.

Each pass can be used by up to 4 people. The program allows one user at any location simultaneously, so when your pass is not in use share it with up to 3 other people!

There is an initial, one-time setup fee of $25/person or $500/50 people.