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Everything Workers Really Value in an Employer is Changing. Here’s What to Focus On.


7 Ways Workbar Coworking Spaces Support Boston’s Small Business Owners

In Massachusetts, we have nearly 600,000 small businesses that employ 1.5 million people. At Workbar, we see all our Boston entrepreneurs hustling and making big things happen—not just during Small Business Week, but every minute of every week. After all, we’ve been in this coworking thing together since 2009. In addition to our annual Small
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Safe. Secure. Modern.

Safe. Secure. Modern. From 360º conference room cameras to presence tracking – Workbar’s tech-enabled workspaces feature all the amenities you need to work safely and productively.
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Health. Dental. Vision… Flexible work? Learn about the newest must-have benefit

Health. Dental. Vision… Flexible work? Learn about the newest must-have benefit. It’s been an, ahem, interesting year for workers like us. What will “going to work” look like in the future? Sometimes, it’ll be commuting to the old office (if it’s still there). Other times, it’ll be slogging through in a makeshift home office. But
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The 2020 Back-to-Work Guide

The 2020 Back-to-Work Guide Key Resources to Help Employers and Employees Thrive in the Remote Work Boom The office as we know is a thing of the past. Today more than ever, companies are going through such a powerful transformation period it could very well be the beginning of a new era when it comes
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