Why Entrepreneurs Love Monday Mornings!

Why Monday morning at the office back from Europe didn’t suck!

I recently took a two week vacation to Europe, driving through Germany, France, England, Ireland and, finally, flying to Poland. I was far, far away from WorkBar, exploring other cultures and seeing places I’ve only ever read about. You would think that coming back to work after a vacation like that would be DREADFUL! Yes, you would think that … unless you were coming back to WorkBar {workspace for mobile professionals, which includes startups, freelancers, and remote employees.} Coming back was actually an incredible feeling! I realized that because I had spent so much time, day in and day out at WorkBar, everything around me became all too common, and that I had stopped noticing how truly amazing and inspiring the people and atmosphere here really are.

Why {almost} everyone else {or just far too many people} hates Monday morning.

You see it on Facebook every day: “Dear Monday, WHY must you come so quickly…” or “Is it Friday yet?!” … All anyone ever wants to do is run far, far away from the office and his or her job … complaining any chance they get until the clock strikes “weekend.”

What I noticed almost IMMEDIATELY upon my return to the office was how happy and excited everyone was, just coming to work … and on a Monday no less! “Good mornings” all around and smiling faces talking about their weekend adventures and what’s on their agenda today. What a breath of fresh air to know that I was not coming back to an ‘office,’ in its traditional and mundane sense; rather, I was hopping on to ride the wave of energy radiating from everyone around me. The difference comes from choice. The professionals that work here—be they freelancers, entrepreneurs, startup groups or remote teams—choose to be here. Not plagued by the alarm clock, they choose to come in and value the time spent working on projects that match their passions. It’s an infectious environment that lifts not only your spirits, but your drive—not because you have to, but because you want to.

Smiling IS contagious, and so is hard work.

They say smiling is contagious – so much so that there have been extensive research studies done to measure the effects of happiness on others. One Harvard study that observed 4,739 people over 20 years found that happiness was, in fact, contagious and highly dependent on others. Without a doubt, they concluded that close physical proximity was essential for happiness to spread. {i.e. why people who work alone go mad} Fascinating isn’t it?! I see it happening every single day! However, the professional community at WorkBar spreads much more than happiness; we’ve got a room full of driven and excited individuals!

2008 called … They’re inspired.

Relatively speaking, coworking and the shift to a mobile workforce is in fact {even now} somewhat of a new and quickly spreading phenomenon. Increasingly, people are able to work from almost anywhere with all but an internet connection and their laptop. This is why I can understand and sympathize with Harvard’s research findings with regard to happiness at the workplace. Fast forward to 1:44 on this NBC report on the study and you’ll hear,

“The one exception [to the happiness results] is the workplace, where researchers say coworkers don’t affect happiness levels. Could there be something in the environment that keeps happiness from spreading?”

Is anyone surprised?

Notice how utterly traditional the office shown on screen is. Of COURSE there’s something in the environment! It’s a room full of unmotivated people starring at their computer screens, counting down the minutes till they can all leave! I wouldn’t be very energized in that sort of environment either! Would you?!

You spend at LEAST 40 hours a week working and it’s NO mystery that a workplace and its culture molds its employees and shapes their enthusiasm. For an otherwise office-less workforce, our biggest goal at WorkBar is to create a physical and psychological environment that is both encouraging and motivating … a place for people to reap the positive benefits of being around others – but also in a space that encourages creativity. This type of valuation can be seen around the world – most prominent in successful startups and companies that “create.” Why? Because inspiration is of highest importance! Some of these workplaces are truly mind blowing!


Innovative Workspace

Innovative Workspace

Innovative Workspace

Innovative Workspace

LINK to all: http://www.hongkiat.com/blog/creative-modern-office-designs/

There’s no denying it … SPACE matters, PEOPLE matter. 

So if you’ve got the spirit – ROCK ON, and spread the enthusiasm! But if you’ve been feeling stuck in a ‘professional’ rut – maybe this could be the jolt of energy you’ve been looking for – simple changes in attitude and space can make a big difference!  Whether you’re on your own or working for a small-, mid- and even large-sized company … there’s always SOMETHING you can do to change your perspective.

Top {3 of} 10 tips to boost your {work} drive and keep your energy on {HIGH}!

  1. Join a coworking space – they’re springing up everywhere! Search your city here: http://bit.ly/ibwcmn
  2. Join a ‘professional’ meetup group.  Meet others passionate about your industry! http://www.meetup.com/
  3. Boost camaraderie in any workplace by planning a weekly/bi-weekly/monthly group lunch.  Even if it starts out as 2-3 people, it will spread.  Note: This is NOT a time to bitch about work or your boss… This is meant to be uplifting and a encouraging, not an escape from work as if it’s a negative thing.

How do YOU keep yourself {and your team} motivated!? Help us complete the list above!

Email us at info@workbar.com, tweet us at @Workbar or post your ideas on our facebook page!

About the Author: Evona Niewiadomska is the Events and Digital Media Manager at Workbar.  As of January 2013 she is an independent Digital Media & Design Creative with a specialty for infographic design and social media strategy.  Check out her website, evonawiktoria.com or contact her via email evona.wiktoria@gmail.com or twitter @evonawiktoria.


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