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The Art of Coworking in Workbar

the art of coworking in workbar

When the walls of Workbar Boston cried out for fresh art, Space & Community Manager Cheryl Centeno drew on her experience with the Institute for Contemporary Art to reach out to Artists for Humanity. This amazing non-profit nurtures and educates budding high school artists, and then goes a step further. To the delight of members in Workbar Boston, part of the AFH experience is about helping new artists gain  exposure, which is how their pieces lighted upon the walls of the coworking  space.
We caught up with Exhibition Manager Brenda Leong and Painting Mentor/Exhibition Designer Tabbytha Ferguson as they hung this year's pieces on the walls of 711 Atlantic Avenue.  Below are images of the art and a little backstory behind the inspiration.

Color Inversion-Huo, by Xiaoyun Huo

In a technological and participatory approach to color inversion,  Xiaoyun Huo's apparently Martian landscape (top) turns into a Great Barrier Reef seascape when captured on a smartphone and viewed through color inversion (bottom).alt="art of coworking"

alt="art of coworking"

Night, by Stephanie Wu

Stephanie Wu invokes tribalism and street art in her Keith Haring-esque black and white.

alt="art of coworking"

Nutu Maik, by Milü Abel

The layers of paint drops covering the clash of pastels and night shades gives  Milü Abel's piece texture and depth.

alt="art of coworking"

Human Race, by Shirley Fang

There's subtle symbolism  (and a Chinese character) in the contrast of stillness and movement in Shirley Fang's Human Race.

alt="art of coworking"

Change of Plans, by Grazeilly DeOliviera

Her mentors pushed  Grazielly DeOliveira outside her comfort zone when they suggested she paint portions of Change of Plans with her eyes shut. Viewing  Change  and then shutting your  eyes is also recommended.

alt="art of coworking"

Sally, By Genna Medina-Cook

Genna Medina-Cook uses  interesting perspective to approach the inner workings of a sea shell.

alt="art of coworking"

Serene Waters, by Sylvia Lam

Sylvia Lam's rippling collage was borne from painstakingly planning the color scheme and deliberately hunting for the right pieces.

alt="art of coworking"


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