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Overheard at Workbar: Top 4 Scheduling Apps on the Market

Top 4 Scheduling Apps on the Market

It’s a paradox for the modern entrepreneur, today’s glut of scheduling apps. Right up there with the bootstrap paradox, you could theoretically spend more time searching for the right app than the time it would save you. Recently there was a Workbar email thread devoted to unraveling this very question, and if you use this discussion to select the best one for you, the time you save just might greet you in the future.

You could just do a random Google search and get a breakdown of the 16 major scheduling apps. But remember a few things before picking one to run with. The most common dilemma seems to be whether to work with a wide or narrow range of calendar applications; essentially how wide a net do you want to cast for your inbound scheduling?

[Come gather round, people. No, no no… I’m not saying you’re “round.” You look fine. I’m boiling that list of 16 down to four.]

To paraphrase one Workbarian, the question isn’t merely “when am I free to meet?” but “when am I free to meet, AND want to schedule a meeting?” Might as well add to that list, “and who do I want to know that I am free?”

Before you go stampeding towards meetings like some half-cocked Chronos, the most popular ones around Workbar are calendly,, Sunrise Meet, and of course, Google.

Now go look busy.


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