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The 9 Best Grammar Tools To Improve Business Writing Skills

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In the age of the internet and emojis, is grammar really still that important? When you're at work, yes it is. How you write speaks volumes about you, and you want to show you're professional and eager to get to the top. Here's Here are nine grammar tools you can use to improve your grammar and your business writing.

    1. Australian Help: This website has a wonderful, in-depth grammar guide that you can use whenever you're stuck on a particular grammar rule. It's easy to find what you need, and you can soon get back to the work you were doing before. You'll learn a whole lot just by keeping it on hand as you write.
    2. BigAssignments: As careful as you are when you're writing, mistakes can still slip through. That's why proofreading is essential, no matter what you're writing. If you need someone to check your work, try using this writing service. Their expert editors can spot and correct mistakes long before you send that email or post that blog.alt="grammar tool for business"
    3. Easy Word Count: This tool is a great resource for checking your document length at a glance, but that's not all it can do. Paste your writing in, and it will also highlight any misspellings it finds. It's a great tool for a last minute check before you send that important document.
    4. Grammar Girl: Grammar is a tricky beast, and it can feel like you're always struggling to catch up. This blog is a fantastic resource to keep you up to date. It tackles thorny issues all the time, such as the 'affect vs. effect' debate, and whether 'calendar' should be used as a verb. Read it regularly, and you'll feel much more comfortable in your grammar skills.
    5. Resumention: Resume writing is a skill in itself, so you need to find the right tool to keep by your side. This website helps you build resumes from scratch using its expert templates. You'll be able to write a professional looking resume in a fraction of the time it normally takes. You can also upload it for potential employers to find.
    6. Language Tool: This open source grammar checking tool is a boon for anyone who writes in other languages for work. It can check over 20 languages, including French, Polish and German. It'll highlight any errors that you make, so you can spot them and correct them quickly. It makes the whole editing process a lot easier.
    7. OxEssays: This site is great for developing writing skills. You can work with the expert writers at this site to learn how the best papers are constructed, researched, and written. They can offer custom written examples, and offer writingassistance.
    8. Grammar Book: Grammar guides are all very well and good, but how do you apply the examples to real life? This website will be able to help you. It shows you how the rules are used in everyday speech, and even features online quizzes for you to test your skills. It has a very hands-on approach to learning, which is perfect if you're someone who needs to try it out yourself in order to retain the facts.
    9. Grammar Check: This grammar checking tool offers two different modes, depending on whether you'd like to subscribe to the service. The free mode offers a good grammar and spell check on anything you write. Just paste the work in and anything that needs correcting will be highlighted for you. If you want a more in-depth look, it can pick up issues such as dangling modifiers and run-on sentences.

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With these tools, you can really boost your business writing skills and improve your grammar. You'll be amazed just how much more professional your writing looks now. Give them a try and see for yourself.

Mary Walton is a professional editor and writer, currently living in Santa Monica. She’s starting her educational blog  Simple Grad  to share her thoughts on education and writing. Follow Mary on  Twitter  and  Linkedin!

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