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6 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Student

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Inexperience is not necessarily a deal breaker for your business. Despite their lack of employment history, the benefits of hiring a student can outweigh the negatives for employers. For this reason, experts at some successful companies look to hire students – here's  why.

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1. Students are cheaper

While people with years of experience in the field demand high salaries and rates, students are more likely to work for significantly less.
It is as simple as that. Years of experience bring high salary expectations; lack of experience means lesser demands. This does not mean that you should not hire experts in your company, but filling several empty spots with young students can prove to be highly beneficial for both your budget and the success of the company.

2. Students are Motivated and Ambitious

Considering that this job will be the beginning of a student's career, you are risking losing the student for a new job very soon. However, hiring students also means that you will have an ambitious, hard working individual in your team.

Even though employers think students will have less time to work due to their studies, you may be surprised to hear that they may be more motivated than experienced workers. While experienced employees know the job and have done it for years, students want to learn and climb the career ladder. After all, they are starting from the very bottom.

3. Students Can Present You New Ideas

If you make the right pick and find a promising student, they can bring fresh thinking into your business strategies. Millennials see the world differently and can present you with a fresh point of view and unique ways to handle business challenges. A  young person's idea may be exactly what you need to open up a new market and bring innovative thinking to the company’s operations.

4. Students Learn and Adapt Quickly

"You can't teach an old dog new tricks." Teaching experienced employees can be much more difficult than teaching young, motivated students.  Unlike any other member of your team, students have the biggest ability to understand and absorb new information rapidly and adapt to new situations. This is quite understandable since they do not need to unlearn one habit in order to develop a new one. For this reason, students can prove to be a much better hiring option because of their ability to adapt rapidly.

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5. Students Add Life and Energy to the Company

One of the biggest advantages of hiring a young person is the fact that they have an abundance of energy to bring to the company. Students are full of life and thirst for knowledge, which can certainly invigorate the workplace.

When you give a student their first 'serious' job, they will be eager to learn and succeed in the career world. A student will push herself and try to make a lasting impression with you, and their ability to inspire others is one of the best things you can do for the business.

6. Students are Tech Savvy

Without any doubt, technology today is a crucial part of every company's success. For this reason, hiring a student is a great investment.  According to the Pew Research Institute, 89% of all social media users are between the age of 18 and 29. Since millenials are digital natives, they are the best choice for achieving a comfort level with the latest technology.  If your business is filled with a workforce who started their careers before technology took over every part of the work, you most certainly need to include students to your team, providing you with insight into the latest technology trends and learning new applications quickly.

No one can tell you who to hire, but a combination of experienced people and young students can bring ultimate success to your business.

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