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Remote Work: Data, Tips & Infographics

remote working

The topic of remote work has become intertwined with modern business. As technology shapes the future of work, employers should know how to support remote work and decide what's right for their team. Here are some tips and stats everyone should know.

Tips for supporting Flexible Work:

  1. Have your entire team work remotely for a full week. That shared experience will help build empathy, and your in-office employees will be more mindful moving forward.
  2. Make sure you use video conferencing in every meeting. Face-to-face connection strengthens relationships and helps you get a better read on the conversation.
  3. When booking a meeting, always assume someone may be remote. Include a video dial-in for every invite so it’s crystal clear that it’s appropriate to join from anywhere.
  4. Replace “drive-by” conversations with randomly timed hellos on Slack and other chat apps. Make an effort to connect with your remote team every day, the same way you’d say hello to someone near you in the office.
  5. The best leaders lead by example. Work remotely yourself once in awhile to show that flexible work is a norm, not a rare privilege.

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About the Author: Rebecca Corliss is the VP of Marketing for Owl Labs, a startup building an IoT video conferencing product. Owl Labs is hosting a virtual discussion in Workbar on August 15 at 3pm: leaders from Wayfair, MIT Sloan School of Management and Invisionapp will discuss and debate their preferred remote and flexible working strategies.


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